Monday, February 28, 2005

old men shudnt love young girls ..... at least not in dat way .......

and other random tots

feel free to post your random tots too ... u may call me an MC-BC too ..its OK wid me ..if dats the way u feel... just be honest in wat u say ..


saby said...

i gotta confess..i love my daughter more than i do my son ... Freud is right must be sexual ....

saby said...

and ia m not the only one...

in india dad's call their grown up daughters beta .... its to remind them dat they shudnt think of her as a sexual being...dat my friend is not a good ting ...

yr daughter is as sexual as sexy julia .... and its OK for her to be sexy ... even if it bothers u ...

saby said...

and guys
yes u may call me a MC-BC
but i am a fucking bastard too ...

worked in a company manufacturing equipment dat reqd. a pressure test to be done 100%

it was done on prototype only

i signed the test certificates declaring 100% testing

if dis equipment were to fail on site ..... i expect 200 workers will be dead

200 wives wud then have to take to prostitution to feed their many children

Hey Kesh
and dat i love my daughter is bad ??

PS: it was a German MNC .. who had just taken over the indian operations ... they continued wid the practice ... they just closed their eyes ...

dats when i left ..
sorry dat is not true
i was thrown out

dats when i became a consultant

dis company made pretty damn sure i wudnt find employment any where
not in in india at least

Kezza said...


all is see here is honesty...

stand true and strong. dont follow the crowd...

you have endured and proven that you are a man of interity and courage...

i have only respect for you my friend...

thank you for wanting me to read your confession...i am humbled and honored...


Janice said...

Whts a MC BC anyways

Kezza said...


a special post awaits you on mg page...


saby said...

hey Mel
i havent finished yet
reserve yr praise till later

u may just abt change yr mind

so here goes:
i confess the girl on girl scenes turns me on more than u no

drives me over the edge

Yes am gonna post a pic soon

i bet dis wud turn Janice on too

Janice said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww pulzzzzzzzzzz how come Janices name crops up here... and u never answered me whts MC BC

saby said...

OK jan will tell u

MC is mudda fucker.... dumbass
u figure out 4 your self wat is BC

Janice said...

that was so crude an disgustin yaar

Janice said...

and if u have done such a thing which affected so many lives how can u sleep at night arent u haunted by their cries??? i mean so many must be cursing u an all na

Anonymous said...

saby....i like your views..teach some to sebia ,keshi ..u rock ,man!got tremendous respect for you ..seeing your posts

Keshi said...

>Hey Kesh
>and dat i love my daughter is >bad ??

Saby wat the hell r u talkin abt? Did I eva say that 'loving' ur daughter is wrong? U r have totally misunderstood me or just twisting the whole thing ard to suit ur mood...well i dun really wat u do with ur daughter just dun confuse one theory with the other and make look like some idiot!


Keshi said...

I meant...dun make ME look like some idiot.


saby said...

Hey Kesh,

u sure are touchy .... as Diffy said some time back ..

indicates an ego prob if u cant take ribbing

u do rub guys the rong way a lot ... but if u cant take it yourself Kesh ... then u have a prob

hehehehehe ..

anony i did it !
i screwed kesh

i am sure lotta guys will applaud

hey Kesh
was talking abt u and Janice ..who went eeeewwwwwww abt girl on girl earlier post

dont condemn ppl who have sexual tastes dat differ from the norm

some of the greatest men (and creative ppl) i admire were homosexuals (gays)

Rock Hudson
Freddie Mercury (Queen)

some of the best novels of our times were banned (porn)

Lady Chatterlees Lover (DH Lawrence)

the above novel was based on his experience
DHL was impotent in later years
Frieda was his wife

and i got a lot more to tell in my confessions

but i dont want to do it now.... i dont want to sensationalize ... will do at a later date very discreetly in some other's blog

mebbe Mel's ... dis lady has my greatest respect

u been too long living in a world of romance

GROW UP, baby ...

the world is not all candy ..

Keshi said...

loll screwed urself rather! So u r the leader of some IT guy groups who wants to tell me off? Well u haven't told me off basically...just because u think u have it doesnt make it real.

I did not condemn anyone...I just don't agree with ur disgusting sexual preferences - yep and boy they differ from the norm! I dun have to agree on all of wat u like do I? U seem to whine abt Catholicism so much it seems to me that ur a victim of it and now ur rebelling against it. If u think that the way u think is so good just go out there and try conveying ur msg to the world and see where u will end up...

And who said I have any probs with homesexuals? LOL! Only with the dumb ones.

So have ur respect for whoever u like Mel etc. None of my business and I aint here to earn anyone's respect.

I dun need to grow up than wat I am today...time will do that job. It seems that u r waking up to ur sordid dreams only now...u need to get a life.


saby said...

Kesh baby
u sure are a confused baby
its not abt Good and Bad
dat is not for me and u to decide

just LIVE and LET LIVE

mebbe one day a sweet guy who steals yr heart
will break yr heart

and then Kesh
u will remember dis wise old man

i am telling u dis Kesh
bcoz dis old man loves u even though ur dumb

and its not Platonic love
never liked dat idiot Plato

Keshi said...

oh saby just dun bull shit abt ur love for me! U dun even respect me as a friend becos u SO agree with the rest of the guys on IT who thinks I need to be told off, hai na? so wat LOVE r u talkin abt? BULL SHIT!

Cud u just leave me alone?


saby said...

No Kesh
i cant

i got u under my skin
i hope uno wat dat means

if u dont ask Fira
he got no fore skin

and dont over estimate yr importance
ther is no plot to 'tell u off'
wat ever dat means

and learn to communicate wid the guys on the net
wid the lingo of the times

get an education from Rex
i did

now i too am

Rex just gave me a cert saying
i am fan-fucking-fantastic

Do i hear cheers from Diffy and the IT gang ?

Keshi said...

Saby...u keep urs, diffy's n whoeva's sick standards to urself...after all u deserve each other.

Thanks for participating in this long and pointless conversation that earned u some worthless certificate in 'Rex Venom course for porn-loving men'. How this argument started, how u avoided all the basic questions, how u twisted it the way u wanted it n how u ended it in real dumb fashion.

I'm out of this, u wont eva hear from me again.

saby said...


- the sonovagun, wid a licence to kill and a loaded gun