Wednesday, February 23, 2005

values my dad tot me .....

if i cud only be half the man my daddy was .....

courage / valor

cannons to the left of them
cannons to the right

into the jaws of death
rode the seven hundred

- the charge of the light brigade
(it was a suicide mission ....
dis is why, i respect the jehadis)

Risk taking

if u can gamble all yr fortune at the toss of a coin ....
and loose it all

and start all over again....

then u will be a man, my son

- If - Rudyard Kipling

making friends and keeping them

if yr friend asks u for money
dont give all he asks for

give ... wat u wont ask back
if u ask back, u will loose a friend

a lot more, will add to dis list....
his potrait

1 comment:

Keshi said...

well why dun u be LIKE him rather than saying This is the guy I want to be? You can follow ur dad's way of life if u have a will to do it Saby...