Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Why do u blogg ?

Vivian wants to no, so do i

Why do u blogg ?

wud like you guys to tell me and Vivan ( )wants to no too

Why do people blog?
dis is wat Viv has to say

I read an article that said very few people really read other people's blogs. Though I like to do this myself, if very few people do, then why do people pour out their hearts, souls, thoughts, into blogs? I guess it could fullfill some basic human need. Even if you are never sure if another person would ever read your blog you just can't help but express yourself. Maybe I should put up a listening blog and just leave it blank, which means I am listening to you. I could just put up listening posts, like "listening, 1am October 12. " If I have time I would.

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