Wednesday, February 02, 2005

wat the fuck !

imnutsincaps: Sex is good

Is God anti-sex ?

i dont tink so

Sex is one of the greatest pleasures gifted to man (and wooman)

the british felt uncomfortable wid sex
so all tinks dat made then tink abt sex was covered

even the legs of the dining table ......

while India celebrated sex ... even worshipped the phallus and the yoni ..
and tot the world how to sex (kamasutra)

wat u tink Diffy ?


Rex Venom said...

Sex? God? Yoni? Well! I never…
I think Sex is sort of god. Like the Chinese called it (or was it the Japanese?), the Clouds and the Rain, when you cum. Like you are up there, close to the heavens. Close to the deities. And I know at which Alter I pray! And I do not believe that anyone can think of god when they are really, really getting some good sex, even though we might scream out his name! But you can easily let your mind wander when in church from the sermon to lust. Easily.

diffy said...

umm...its nasty...nasty nasty....coz ye into having sex, and ye ain't into making love !!

must be a hollow feeling...coz it was just another fine thing laid on ye table..and u couldnt keep from coming on...(really really.. early)....

PS: wot did sweet smelling..saby look into the keshi's dreamy eyes n say..after...they rubbed??

whrs my underwear??

Janice said...

lolz oh my god diffy ur after sabbys like u bringin poor keshi in the middle 2

Keshi said...

Saby yes God introduced us to sex but is it God who introduced us to hatred too? Man is made up of all sort of emotions...lust, love, anger, hatred all of these are given to us by HIM yes, but we must know HOW to control them too...if not you're gonna be one big fat body full of uncontrolled emotions and it will kill you one day sooner than you're supposed to die! LOL get it?

Diffy I have ignored you on chat for quite clear're plain F##KING dumb, so just don't involve me in your meaningless comments - ty!


diffy said...

gosh soo tochy ya....correct no ya saby??