Saturday, February 12, 2005

u no ur in love, when ........

all u wanna do is to hold her hand

uno ur in love, when
u look silly

uno ur in love, when
u start loving your mom,
coz she said she loves her mom

uno ur in love, when
the guys call u out for a night in town
and u decline

uno ur in love, when

ur the first one to comment on her post
u set your clock to aussie time
u answer her questionnaire of 50 questions

uno ur really in love when u do it again

uno ur really really really in love, when
guys call u MC-BC and it dont bother u


Keshi said...

wtf Saby? lol!

Keshi said...

wats MC-BC anyways?


citrus said...

that was so sweet... inappropriate.. but sweet.... you're a sweetie pie :)

ps: you like a naive chick... spell it out to her.. actually don't

Dewdrop said...

Saby !!!! 5 differnt blogs? Its hard to keep up with one...and you maintaining 5!! Think one is enough to grab attention for the IT crowd atleast.

Anonymous said...

Pithaly says:

No matter how dressed up you are for the prom, “when the paddy wagon comes it takes the good girls and the bad girls alike.”

saby said...

Dewdy and Pithaly

i just love orgies

and the prom ting is foren
i dont no wtf u mean