Friday, February 25, 2005

To all the moms and single moms out there

ur blessed

contrary to wat most ppl think

u have become a mom
bcoz God choose you to be one

and u are a part of His creation plan
ur raising God's children

being a mom may seem like the worst job in the world
carying the guy in yr womb for 9 months
and screaming in pain when he makes his entry into the world

but when its over
all the pain is forgotten

and u have an angel in yr hands
and u put him to yr breast

and as he sweetly sucks on one
his little fingers play wid the other one

and ur in heaven
dis is the initial pay-off

soon u will be changing nappies
while yr man will thumb his nose

he cant bear the smell, and
he just cant figure out how u do it wid a smile

and then u embark on the journey
making dat child into a man or a beautiful wooman

u give all u got to make him/her happy
wid a love dat is unconditional

and his/her first step

and his/her first date

teaching him to cope wid success or failure
and a lot more ....

some times i wish i were a wooman
wid a baby in my arms


Anonymous said...

liked this post ..
it's pain ,saby ..
those nine months are stressful..
for complications if they develop,both the mother and her child's life is at stake...

hey ,ur history is very cluttered..could u arrange it in proper sorted order

Anonymous said...

hey i reached ur post through rex.
so , i don't know you.i liked ur blog ..

saby said...

tank u guys for taking the time to visit ...
love u guys ...
and Rex is a great human being coz he found u guys ..