Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i was a spoilt kid

i am responsible for my dad's death

i was born poor
my dad was retired when i was born

but i was richer than my brothers
my dad and mom loved me the most

dat is not a good thing
they called me 'baba'

even when i was in college
and my friends too

in college when my folks at home were eating one roti less
to pay my hostel and tuition fees

i was freaking out
living in style

i even forgot to rite home for a while
my dad dropped in to see me at the hostel
he was worried sick

he hugged me so tight
(felt silly in front of me friends)

he left for home
later, a month later
i received mail from my elder brother

dad has been admitted to hospital, he said
nothing serious, just bleeding from the nose

my dad rote too
he said i am OK, dont worry

i didnt
i kept on having a good time

another month later
my brother rote
dad died last nite in hospital

dat letter and my dad's letter
brought tears to my eyes, it still does
(i dont cry easy)

my dad's letter has blood stains on it
he rote

saby, i am OK
dont come home
dont want u to miss your classes

i will be OK


saby said...

dunno how dis got posted to front page ...

it was meant to be posted to 'true confessions'

Janice said...

Awwwwwwww pulzzzzzzzzzzz ur a big fat liar thats wht u are this story was actually published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book by sum guy in the states i think n plus our priest gavea sermon on that on when i was attendin sunday school for confirmation classes ur hardly original at all.....

Janice said...


saby said...

@#!%$#! Janeeeeeez !

am gonna kill u for dis !

and just when i managed to lodge my self firmly in keshi's gullible heart .... ahead of dat muslim guy ...

Janice said...

HAHAHA LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE an whos the muslim guy anyways

Keshi said...
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De.vile said...

hats off to the retard who thought he could get away with a chicken soup story. news flash for the ancient ruins(thats u saby) 50% of hope lovers read that every single day!

saby said...

Damn u ! and janice ...

i wudn't have got cot ..

keshi dont read ...
she too busy spreading hope and cheer in her blogg and processing those questionnaires ...

Anonymous said...

Pithaly says,

Idiots all.

What's been written is absolutely true, except not sure about the bleeding part.

firacub said...