Monday, February 07, 2005

i got EXPERIENCE .........

dont do wat i did

i got EXPERIENCE ...

if u read between the lines ... wat i am saying is 'i made blunders'
yeah, experience u get when u make silly mistakes ...

but dat experince is no good for me now... wish i had experience b4 making an ass of me self
so, being a nice guy, i want to tell u wat not to do

i dont tink the young punks of today will listen
but any ways here goes ...

dont stare at her tits

dont dance close, if u havent worn tight undies

dont tell her 'i want to marry u' on yr first date

dont criticize her parents, even if justified

dont tink dat she can read yr mind
if u love her tell her so
(make it convincing)

dont be honest .. and dont lie either

if u tink her dress sense is bad
dont say it

tell her u love her as she is
dont tell her u wont to see her as she is

most girls wont reveal her self in the nude to you
unless she is convinced u love her

i got a long list here
but i gotta stop now


do see dat u dont do the donts

PS: it took me 54 years to learn wat not to do ... we didnt have internet then... we had only PLAYBOY advisor


Anonymous said...

saby bossadpapu , u testicleless gandu saby pokes his pubic hair in every conversation and he is a best analyser .he does analysis bhadwa sala .and he says he got wisdom balls to ur wisdom those who r wise r not choots like u .if wisdom doesnt empower u chutiyeee what wisedom is that.and bastard dont even understand even keshi curses u .she is just being good to u becoz she needs comments on her blog .madarchoduuu gandu saby live life real bossadike.

Anonymous said...

Hey Saby

yr daddy aint yr daddy
but he dont no ....

shame and scandal in the famoly