Saturday, February 19, 2005

Move over Kesh ....

i found a reason

Move over Kesh

i found another
(she loves porn and me)
i stole her from Rex Venom

just read wat she has to say:

If I found out today that my life would be over by dawn
I would spend my last day here on earth thinking about you.
I would use my final hours and breaths trying to make you smile and laugh.
I would tell you that I love you
and that your friendship has made me a better person.
I would look into your eyes and smile
I would tell you that from the first time are eyes meet
I knew that I loved you;
and that I would spend endless hours
trying to think of things to say to you
that would make you smile...
I'd tell you that I've simply lived my life
trying to show you that you are loved.
and that there has never been a moment
that has passed when I haven't thought of you and smiled too...
I found a reason to smile again;
seeing your smile!
You make my heart float!
I've finally re-found myself and a reason to believe;
I love me; the reason is you...

© Kerry M. Adams


Kezza said...

lol saby!!! what am i going to do with you?

Keshi said...

Hey Saby this is boooooootiful :) wow!


Anonymous said...

why must i be a teenager in love ?

- saby (at 54)