Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Innocence lost .....

and the world came crashing down ....

Heyyyy janice,

it's not serious
if u can laff about it

- Bill Cosby


saby said...

u gotta live a little
laff a little
love a lot

dats the story of
the glory of


firacub said...
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firacub said...

Hey Saby,
Who is this muslim guy that scares the shit out of you...


Anonymous said...
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saby said...

Sorry Anony mouse

dat was way too heavy
incest is still considered very distasteful..

besides i just been called a n MC-BC by another anony mouse

or was it u ?

saby said...

i firmly belive dat even in porn .... some stuff is meaningful and from wat dat anony mouse just posted ... i had to retain dis.
lemme explain first,
daughters get their sex education form mum, but some mums who have had the misfortune to be married to a guy who dont no the fine art of loving pass on the message dat sex is dirty.... the catlik church padres and sisters are also responsible who until recently preached dat sex is only to be used for procreation ....

Ok.. now read an excerpt from the anony mouse post

"Yeah," Sara agreed quietly "like mum not liking sex. You really didn't need to tell me you know, mum has already told me time and again how dirty sex is. Of course, she's wrong, something so nice can't be dirty."

saby said...

Read wat Jesus has to say on the subject

go to (Counter views)

Anonymous said...

saby, i very much appreciaed that .... u did delete my comment,but retained the part rock!

saby said...

from the brain, and
from the brain only

arise our pleasures,
joys, laffter and jests

as well as our sorrows,
griefs and tears

- Hippocrates

a quote appearing in the inside cover of 'Brain' by Robert Cook

Mama look wat they have done to my brain

- Janice