Monday, February 07, 2005



heyyy guys to enjoy blogspot
get gmail from google

u can then get Google Alerts
on your email (any email address)

when the mangy's (janice, citrus and Agony)
post some nasty comment on me blogg

i get an alert
i can then check and delete
or hit back real fast

mail me if u want gmail

i got 4 invites wid me left
first come ... first get


Janice said...

Trust me if u think im nasty i wont bother next time

saby said...

Heyyyy Jan honey

uno me - just kidding

dont ever listen to words..
listen to me heart

Dewdrop said...

that feature of getting comments as email alerts works with any kinda email not necessarily gmail.

Anonymous said...

saby madarchod saale fucking choot .. disgusting piece of solidified camel's semen .Haramiii fcukerrrr ..u know ur humour is so low and u r so disgusting ..age 54 ? bhadwe do u get ur penis up ????? madarchod and flirting with keshi.she is of ur daughters age and others r of ur grand daughters age madarchod