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What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?

That's the question the women here asked themselves at a point when their days were filled with the same old, same old. And then they jumped—sometimes without a clue as to where they were heading. The upshot was, each found herself one step closer to connecting wholeheartedly with the person she was meant to be. Meet women who started over.


Baichung Bhutia refuses to carry Olympic torch

1 Apr 2008, 0037 hrs IST,TNN

Baichung Bhutia has refused to run with the flame when it reaches New Delhi (TOI Photo)
NEW DELHI: As the Olympic torch was flown into the Chinese capital on Monday to be taken around the world, the shadow of Tibetan pro-tests over the Beijing Games seems to be growing. Now, Indian football captain Baichung Bhutia has refused to run with the flame when it reaches New Delhi on April 17. Bhutia faxed his decision to the Indian Olympic Association on Monday after he had been chosen for the honour of carrying the Olympic torch on the India leg of its journey. Talking to TOI , Bhutia, a Buddhist, said, ‘‘I sympathize with the Tibetan cause. I have many friends in Sikkim who follow Buddhism. This is my way of standing by the people of Tibet and their struggle. I abhor violence in any form.’’ Bhutia emphasized that he had not been requested by any group to pull out of the torch run. ‘‘This is an absolutely personal decision. I feel what’s happening in Tibet is not right and in my small way I should show my solidarity.’’ Bhutia is not the first public personality to have distanced himself from the Beijing Olympics. In February, Hollywood director Steven Spielberg withdrew as an artistic adviser to the Olympics over China’s support to the Sudanese government at a time when the regime had been charged with massacres in the country’s Darfur region. Last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said he did not rule out France boycotting the games if the situation in Tibet worsened. Suresh Kalmadi, president of the IOA, denied any knowledge of Bhutia’s faxed reply. ‘‘The fax has not reached me as yet since I’m not in my office,’’ he said. Kalmadi added that several top athletes like P T Usha, Milkha Singh and Gurbachan Singh Randhawa have been invited for the event. Randhawa, when asked by TOI whether he would carry the torch, said: ‘‘I have received an invitation to run with the Olympic torch and I will proudly do it. I know about what is going on in Tibet but the Indian government is not protesting. So why should I?’’ But Bhutia, not known for having strong political views, has made up his mind. Never in his football career spanning more than 15 years has Bhutia transgressed the line that separates sport from politics. He once even reprimanded a photographer who was taking his snap beside a statue of Buddha on Buddha Purnima. But the cause of the Tibetan people has struck a chord with the ‘‘Sikkimese Sniper’’. So much so, it caused him to shed his ‘‘apolitical’’ garb.


favorite quotes of my fav girl

1) Love thy neighbor - and if he happens to be tall, debonair, and devastating, it will be that much easier ~ May West

2) From the moment I was six I felt sexy. And let me tell you it was hell, sheer hell, waiting to do something about it. ~ Bette Davis

3) The dying process begins the minute we are born, but it accelerates during dinner parties ~ Carol Matthau

4) Every time I think that Im getting old, and gradually going to the grave, something else happens - Lillian Carter

5) Choose something that you swore you could never, ever live without, and give it away…Giving is the first act of living ~Rachel Snyder

6) I don’t want to be a passenger in my own life. ~Diane Ackerman

7) We somen talk too much, but even then we don't tell half what we know ~Nancy Astor

8) I used to trouble about what life was for- now being alive seems sufficient reason ~Joanna Field

9) Big girls need big diamonds. ~Elizabeth Taylor

10) When you stop having dreams and ideals - well, you might as well stop altogether. ~Marian Anderson

11) When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I am slipping. ~Maria Callas

12) I do believe in reincarnation, but I do not believe there is life before noon. ~Florence KingAnd my favorite:

13) If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. ~Anita Roddick

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I wonder if you read Skinny Bitch ?Skinny Bich website"Fragment of Skinny Bitch
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Genetic manipulation, pollution top Vatican's 'new sins'

Philip Pullella, Reuters Published: Monday, March 10, 2008
FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP/Getty ImagesPope Benedict XVI waves at the faithful as he leaves Saint Lawrence in Piscibus church after celebrating a mass at the International Youth Centre in Rome March 9, 2008. Celebrating the Angelus Sunday ...

VATICAN CITY -- Thou shall not pollute the Earth. Thou shall beware genetic manipulation.
Modern times bring with them modern sins. So the Vatican has told the faithful that they should be aware of "new" sins such as causing environmental blight.
The guidance came at the weekend when Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti, the Vatican's number two man in the sometimes murky area of sins and penance, spoke of modern evils.
Asked what he believed were today's "new sins," he told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano that the greatest danger zone for the modern soul was the largely uncharted world of bioethics.

"[Within bioethics] there are areas where we absolutely must denounce some violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments and genetic manipulation whose outcome is difficult to predict and control," he said.

The Vatican opposes stem cell research that involves destruction of embryos and has warned against the prospect of human cloning.
Archbishop Girotti, in an interview headlined "New Forms of Social Sin," also listed "ecological" offences as modern evils.
In recent months, Pope Benedict has made several strong appeals for the protection of the environment, saying issues such as climate change had become gravely important for the entire human race.

Under Pope Benedict and his predecessor Pope John Paul II, the Vatican has become progressively "green."
It has installed photovoltaic cells on buildings to produce electricity and hosted a scientific conference to discuss the ramifications of global warming and climate change, widely blamed on human use of fossil fuels.
Archbishop Girotti, who is number two in the Vatican "Apostolic Penitentiary," which deals with matter of conscience, also listed drug trafficking and social and economic injustices as modern sins.

But Archbishop Girotti also bemoaned that fewer and fewer Catholics go to confession at all.
He pointed to a study by Milan's Catholic University that showed that up to 60% of Catholic faithful in Italy stopped going to confession.
In the sacrament of Penance, Catholics confess their sins to a priest who absolves them in God's name.
But the same study by the Catholic University showed that 30% of Italian Catholics believed that there was no need for a priest to be God's intermediary and 20% felt uncomfortable talking about their sins to another person.
Reuters © 2008
#Pope Urges Academics To Be TolerantNational Post - Monday, Jan. 21, 2008
Students crowd Vatican in support of PopeNational Post - Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008
Pope raises stakes in fight with the DevilNational Post - Saturday, Dec. 29, 2007
Ex-British PM converts to CatholicismNational Post - Monday, Dec. 24, 2007
Bountiful mother wins custody of her childrenNational Post - Thursday, Dec. 6, 2007
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Polluting Now A Sin For CatholicsCBS4 Denver Video - Monday, March 10, 2008


Palm Sunday


office upgrade


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Vatican lists new sinful behaviors

Story Highlights
Drugs, pollution, genetic manipulation are now included
Update announced in Vatican daily, "L'Osservatore Romano"
Sinners risk burning in hell unless absolved through confession and penitence
Recent survey finds 60 percent of Italian Catholics don't go to confession
ROME, Italy (AP) -- A Vatican official has listed drugs, pollution and genetic manipulations as well as social and economic injustices as new areas of sinful behavior.

The Vatican has updated the list of mortal sins to relate to the age of globalization.

Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti said in an interview published on Sunday by the Vatican's daily newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, that known sins increasingly manifest themselves as behavior that damages society as a whole.
Girotti, who heads the Apostolic Penitentiary, a Vatican body that issues decisions on matters of conscience and grants absolutions told the paper that whilst sin used to concern the individual mostly, today it had a mainly a social resonance, due to the phenomenon of globalization.
Catholic teaching distinguishes between lesser, so-called venial sins, and mortal sins.
When asked to list the new areas of sinful behavior, Girotti denounced "certain violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments, genetic manipulations."
He also mentioned drugs, which weaken the mind and obscure intelligence; pollution; as well as the widening social and economic differences between the rich and the poor that "cause an unbearable social injustice."
Girotti said the Catholic Church continued to be concerned by other sinful acts, including abortion and pedophilia.
He said Church authorities had reacted with rigorous measures to child abuse scandals within the clergy, but he also claimed that the issue had been excessively emphasized by the media.
His comments came at the end of a week-long Vatican conference on confession.
A recent survey said that 60 percent of Italian Catholics do not go to confession.
Traditionally the Catholic church has had a list of seven deadly sins, that of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride established by Pope Gregory the Great in the 6th century.
The terms entered the popular vocabulary after the publication of Dante's "Divine Comedy."
The deadly sins are in contrast with venial sins - relatively minor sins that can be forgiven.
A person that commits a mortal sin risks burning in hell unless absolved through confession and penitence.
Now the Vatican says it is time to modernize the list to fit a global world.
On hearing the Girotti's suggestion, some priests thought it was a good idea.
Father Antonio Pelayo, a Spanish priest and Vatican expert noted that it is time for both sinners and confessors to get over their obsession with sex and think about other ways humans hurt each other in the world in which they live.
"There are many other sins that are perhaps much more grave that don't have anything to do with sex - that have to do with life, that have to do with the environment, that have to do with justice," he told AP Television.
Father Greg Apparcel, a local priest said that the Pope may have been talking About this aspect of sin as a response to the recent "Italian confession" survey.
Apparcel also hinted that the announcement may have a wider agenda ahead of the Holy Father's trip to the United States and his speech to the United Nations.
"There is some sound going around that perhaps he is going to speak about ecology and environment, and if he does, this is kind of preparation for that," he said.


"In The End"

(It starts with)

One thing / I don’t know why

It doesn’t even matter how hard you try

Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme

To explain in due time

All I know

time is a valuable thing

Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings

Watch it count down to the end of the day

The clock ticks life away

It’s so unreal

Didn’t look out below

Watch the time go right out the window

Trying to hold on / but didn’t even know

Wasted it all just to

Watch you goI kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart

What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when I tried so hard

And got so far

But in the end

It doesn't even matter

I had to fall

To lose it all

But in the end

It doesn't even matter

One thing / I don’t know why

It doesn’t even matter how hard you try

Keep that in mind / I designed this rhyme

To remind myself howI tried so hard

In spite of the way you were mocking me

Acting like I was part of your property

Remembering all the times you fought with me

I’m surprised it got so (far)

Things aren’t the way they were before

You wouldn’t even recognize me anymore

Not that you knew me back then

But it all comes back to me

In the end

You kept everything inside and even though I tried / it all fell apart

What it meant to me / will eventually / be a memory / of a time when I tried so hard

And got so far

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

I had to fallTo lose it all

But in the endIt doesn’t even matter

I've put my trust in you

Pushed as far as I can go

For all this

There’s only one thing you should know

I've put my trust in you

Pushed as far as I can go

For all this

There’s only one thing you should knowI tried so hard

And got so far

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

I had to fall

To lose it all

But in the end

It doesn’t even matter

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Staying young....and healthy: Be healthy...but be safely too....#links#links

Staying young....and healthy: Be healthy...but be safely too....#links#links

Guidelines: MySpace & Teens

January 31st, 2008 by Bill Wardell
Myspace seems to be one of the few good sites where you express yourself, connect with friends and make new ones. But there are some guidelines, some limits, which you should always follow to make your experience online a better one. You can’t just post anything you feel like.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want the world to know, like your phone number address and specific whereabouts anything that would make it easy for a stranger to find you or you may find yourself in trouble.

People are not always who they say they are, avoid meeting people whom you do not know in person. If your curiosity is too strong and you must, meet in a public place, bring a friend or trusted adult. Teens should ALWAYS have their parents permission first.

If you feel harassed or feel something is inappropriate about someone’s behavior report it to MySpace authorities. Don’t post anything whether it is a photograph or some other type of information, that may embarrass you later or that you will have to pay the price for later in life.

Parents should monitor the online hours of their chilrend, the sites they are viewing and the friends they are making online. Myspace will delete users less than 14 years of age or those misrepresenting their age.

Always remind children the dangers of putting private information in a public place and let them know that whatever they post, adults can also see, so they shouldn’t post photographs and information they don’t want an adult to see.

Although the cases of a bad guy online hurting someone offline in real life is not that alarming to some, especially at this present day and time, there is an old saying ‘precaution is better than the cure’. You shouldn’t live under a stone thinking that nothing will happen to you, in this ever changing world everything is possible and all it takes is just a little care from your end.

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the story of a failed nation

Chris is late
The Indians in India were waiting to welcome Chris Columbus

However Chris fucked up
he landed up in America
and found Red Indians

it was a nation of tribal people
a people who were in tune with nature

After Chris discovered this nation
Britishers landed up in huge numbers
to rape this nation

they killed or imprisoned the tribal people in reservations
and they plundered the land

they were the early American settlers
they created christian (?) laws
and law makers and the executive
the nation prospered

They did not take part in WWII
while the British nation and the Europeans did

they went into the war only after Pearl harbor
they had no choice

they ended the war by dropping the Atomic Bomb (WMD) on civilian targets
in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Japan surrendered
and Germany already had surrendered earlier

Liberty Equality and Fraternity
was the declared state policy
while they used slave labor in their cotton fields

a Civil war happened btw the North and the South
and the slaves were set free
but they were not really free

meanwhile they welcomed immigrants such as Albert Einstein
and the immigrants built America to make it a great nation

-to be continued

Devraj Dasgupta I


Nashik: The spectre of closure hangs over several of the small-scale industries (SSls) here, a fortnight after MNS activists ransacked homes and drove out much of the migrant workforce from Nashik.The companies, which are heavily dependent on the skilled Uttar Bharatiya worker who slogs hard to send money home, are now under pressure from bigger firms to deliver spares on time or lose orders in future.

Nashik has two main industrial areas-Arnbad and Satpur-under the aegis of the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MillC).Put together, they are home to giants like MICO-Bosch, Crompton Greaves, CEAT, Mahindra & Mahindra, Siemens, Garware, Atlas Copco, ABB and GlaxoSmithKline.Besides, there are close to 2,500 SSls in Ambad and Satpur, which act as suppliers to the big boys of manufacturing.The big companies source 80% of their wares from the local vendors; only 20% comes . from the Pune or Aurangabad industrial areas. But, ever since the migrant workers started leaving without notice, the machines have lost their thrust and motion. Shop-floors of almost all SSls lie half-occupied as shifts are cancelled and deadlines extended. ' Nashik Industries 'and Manufacturers' Association (Nima) president Nishikant Ahire admits that hundreds of units in the Ambad and Satpur MInC areas depend heavily on the Uttar Bharatiya worker. "The easy supply of labour and the willingness to go the extra mile in return for minim~m wages made them

THE EXODUS: Hundreds of north Indian workers have left Nashik
more attractive than the local youth for industries. They are not skilled at the entry level but they learn the tricks of the trade by sheer diligence over the years," Ahire said.Born and brought up in Nashik, the middle-aged Ahire said he would be most happy
Maharashtra police chief P S Pasricha on Monday said the total loss on account of loot and arson by MNS supporters in Nashik amounted to only Rs 6 lakh. He also said the state had replied to the queries of the State Human Rights Commission
,to recruit local boys in his factory, Machine House. "But they want high salaries and do not have the mindset to stick on the shop-floor for 8-10 hours at a stretch. In any case, they need time to acquire the skills of the workers who have left" Ahire said many companies were now working two shifts of 12 hours each instead
of three regular shifts of eight hours each. "We just hope that this cycle of violence stops and the workers report back to work soon. The Uttar Bharatiyas may come back after Holi," he hoped.Ashok Rajwade, managing director of auto ancillary major Hindustan Hardy Spicer, said the big players of the industry would not wait for the local vendors to get their act together forever. "They will go to the secondary sources in the Pune belt. The vendors in Pune, in turn, are sure to ask for guarantee of regular orders from the big industries who approach them in such a crisis," he said.Rajwade said the government should take control of the situation quickly to stop further damage to industries. "We have to deal with powercuts, high octroi, cess on fuel and a gamut of labour laws in Maharashtra. Now, if law and order also becomes a problem, then what is the logic of doing business here?" he questioned.

Devraj Dasgupta I TNN
Nashik: Ranjit Singh had come to Nashik from Jaunpur in Uttar Pradesh. The shop and the six "rooms" he built through a decade's hard work ensured that his ties with Nashik grew stronger than those with Jaunpur.Now, Singh is one of the scared "outsiders" in a city singed by hatred against people who have built-lr are trying to build-a life for themselves in Nashik. As politics takes precedence over economics, Singh may have to fold his bags and take the train back to UP, like the thousands who have left the neighbourhood of Dutt Nagar, a slum behind the Arnbad industrial area.Sitting outside his shop with downed shutters, Singh is too scared to speak about the atrocities unleashed by Raj Thackeray's goons. A mute witness to his brethren fleeing their single-room dwellings, he needs a lot of prodding to narrate the sordid tale."All of them have gone to UP and may never come back, while I continue to get threats every day from motorcycleborne youths who come in the dead of night," he said. "Every Maharashtrian here keeps track of what I'm doing." But why did the migrant workers living in Dutt Nagar leave despite their strong numbers?

.Vote for Hillary Clinton

Seldom has history confronted America with such daunting challenges: a catastrophic foreign policy that has cost us our international leadership and aggravated the threat of terror; a misbegotten war that is squandering precious American lives and treasure; a healthcare system that leaves millions of Americans without coverage; irresponsible corporate power that is corroding our democracy and outsourcing our jobs, aggravating global warming and other environmental crises and reducing our economy to shambles.We need a leader who is battle-tested, resilient and sure-footed on the shifting landscapes of domestic and foreign policy. Hillary Clinton will move our country forward while promoting its noblest ideals.N.B:Kathleen Kennedy Townsend is the former lieutenant governor of Maryland, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an environmental advocate and Kerry Kennedy is a human rights activist.
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Obama's recipe for curbing outsourcing
Sridhar Krishnaswami in Washington
'August 16, 2007 13:53 IST
Amid the ongoing debate over Outsourcing, a hot-button issue in the US, top Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has proposed denying tax reliefs to companies that ship job overseas but said that education system must improve to check the trend.

The United States of America is located in the middle of the North American continent, with Canada to the north and the United Mexican States to the south. The United States ranges from the Atlantic Ocean on the nation's east coast to the Pacific Ocean bordering the west, and also includes the state of Hawaii, a series of islands located in the Pacific Ocean, the state of Alaska located in the northwestern part of the continent above the Yukon, and numerous other holdings and territories.

The first known inhabitants of the area now known as the United States are believed to have arrived over a period of several thousand years beginning approximately 20,000 years ago by crossing the Bering land bridge into Alaska. The first solid evidence of these cultures settling in what would become the US begins as early as 15,000 years ago with the Clovis culture.

Relatively little is known of these early settlers compared to the Europeans who colonized the area after the first voyage of navigator Christopher Columbus in 1492 for Spain. Columbus' men were also the first documented Old Worlders to land in the territory of the United States when they arrived in Puerto Rico during their second voyage in 1493. The first European known to set foot in the continental U.S. was Juan Ponce de León, who arrived in Florida in 1513, though there is some evidence suggesting that he may have been preceded by John Cabot in 1497.

1 Colonial America
1.1 Spanish exploration and settlement (1493 – various dates)
1.2 French colonization (1564-1803)
1.3 English/British Colonial America (1585-1776)
2 Formation of the United States of America (1776-1789)
3 Westward expansion (1789–1849)
4 Civil War era (1849–1865)
5 Reconstruction and the rise of industrialization (1865–1918)
6 Post-World War I and the Great Depression (1918–1940)
7 World War II (1940–1945)
7.1 Battle against Germany
7.2 Battle against Japan
8 Cold War beginnings and the Civil Rights Movement (1945–1964)
9 Cold War (1964–1980)
10 End of the Cold War (1980–1988)
11 1988–present
12 Notes
13 References
14 External links
14.1 Book-length histories of the United States
14.2 General sites
14.2.1 U. S. National Archives
14.3 Other sites
14.4 Specialized topics
14.5 Other resources

JOHN MCCAIN, Republican
Senator from Arizona.
Age: 71.
EXPERIENCE: U.S. senator from Arizona, 1986-present; U.S. congressman, 1982-86; director, Navy Senate Liaison Office, Washington, 1977-81; captain, Navy pilot, 1977; prisoner of war, Hanoi, Vietnam, 1967-73; Commander, U.S. Navy, 1958.
EDUCATION: U.S. Naval Academy, 1958; National War College, 1973-74.
FAMILY: Wife, Cindy Hensley; five sons and two daughters; divorced once.
Does not favor abortion rights.
Says Roe v. Wade should be overturned.
Favors parental choice of schools, including vouchers for private schools when approved by local officials, and right of parents to choose home schooling.
Would let states regulate it.
Opposes constitutional amendment to ban it.
Chief co-sponsor of a bill that sought mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions.
Plan would require emissions to return to 2004 levels by 2012 and to 1990 levels by 2020.
Voted against ban on assault-type weapons, but in favor of requiring background checks at gun shows.
Voted to shield gun-makers and dealers from civil suits.
Favors $2,500 refundable tax credit for individuals, $5,000 for families, to make health insurance more affordable.
In gaining the tax credit, workers could not deduct the portion of their workplace health insurance paid by their employers.
Sees no mandate for universal coverage.
Sponsored 2006 bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the U.S., work and apply to become legal residents after learning English, paying fines and back taxes and clearing a background check.
Now says he would secure the border first.
Supports border fence.
Opposes scheduling a troop withdrawal, saying latest strategy is succeeding.
Supported decision to go to war, but was early critic of the manner in which administration prosecuted it.
Would consider "almost anything" as part of a compromise to save Social Security, yet rules out higher payroll taxes for now.
Would generally extend Bush's tax cuts, which could cost $2.3 trillion to keep in place until 2017.
Opposed some of Bush's tax cuts because they were not wedded to spending cuts, but now says the tax cuts should be made permanent.
Would eliminate alternative minimum tax.
Received 44% support in February 1st-3rd CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll.

Larry Kudlow
Posted on 02/20/2008 12:46:28 PM PST by Responsibility2nd
Allow me a dose of hardened market realism concerning Barack Obama’s landslide victory in Wisconsin. The race is over. Hillary Clinton is over. Her electability is over. Bill Clinton’s political invincibility is over. The Clinton Restoration is over.
It’s over.
Obama got to the far left faster than Hillary did. He out-organized her, out-fundraised her, out-speechified her, out-hustled her, out-dressed her, and out-presidentialed her. He outbid Hillary for votes, one promised government check at a time. His 17-point margin of victory in Wisconsin was incredible. It says he can’t be stopped.
Outside of the whacko ultra-left Madison college population, which is even worse than the Ohio State population, Wisconsin is a lot like Ohio. And Ohio campuses will go for Obama. Think faculty voters, grimly determined for a left-wing takeover of America “from the bottom up,” to use the Saul Alinsky community-organizer phrase. As goes Wisconsin, so goes Ohio.
Not even Hillary’s last-minute bashing of business, free trade, and free-market capitalism — which was a complete repudiation of her husband’s presidency — could save her. Obama got there first, with a style and elegance that Hillary simply couldn’t match.
And it came out of nowhere. On the eve of the Wisconsin primary, Hillary did a hard-left imitation of John Edwards’s populist and demagogic soak-the-rich rhetoric. She trashed some of the greatest businesses in America — oil, credit-card, insurance, and pharmaceutical firms. Wall Street and lending firms. It all must have come as quite a shock to the alumni of the Bill Clinton White House who are working for her campaign.
Robert Rubin may have been too busy tending to Citigroup’s sub-prime collapse to keep Hillary on the reservation. But where were Wall Street’s Roger Altman and Washington’s Gene Sperling when Hillary discarded the pinstripes for the polyester lefty-union pantsuit?
Bashing business comes naturally to Obama. But for Hillary it was a complete failure. Exit polls from Wisconsin say the trade protectionists went with Obama. Union members? Obama. People who think the economy’s in trouble? Obama. Folks who don’t think it’s in trouble? Obama. People making less than $50,000 a year? Obama. More than $50,000 a year? Obama.
And it only gets worse.

Clinton apologizes to black voters
By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer 56 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did something Wednesday night that she almost never does. She apologized. And once she started, she didn't seem able to stop.
The New York senator, who is in a tight race with Illinois Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination, struck several sorry notes at an evening forum sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a group of more than 200 black community newspapers across the country.

Her biggest apology came in response to a question about comments by her husband, Bill Clinton, after the South Carolina primary, which Obama won handily. Bill Clinton said Jesse Jackson also won South Carolina when he ran for president in 1984 and 1988, a comment many viewed as belittling Obama's success.
"I want to put that in context. You know I am sorry if anyone was offended. It was certainly not meant in any way to be offensive," Hillary Clinton said. "We can be proud of both Jesse Jackson and Senator Obama."

we have been suckered

following events never happened:

US first landing on the moon
the moon has no air
no atmosphere
how was the flag blowing in the wind?

WMD in IRAQ and SADDAM the monster

Michael Jackson the so called weirdo
black OBAMA a gay

VESTS romantic escapades
he wrote the book to impress Rosemary

the holocaust

The Holocaust Never Happened

Oprah will announce her next Book Club selection. The front page of Amazon offers a sneak peek. It's appalling. Given Oprah's unmitigated support of James Frey, author of her last pick, despite the revelations that his memoir is pretty much all made up, I've learned to rely on Oprah for compelling works of fiction masquerading as the truth. Just like Dr. Phil's advice and those low-fat cupcakes she says won't cause you to put on any weight. Well, not if you eat fifty of them. Not if you eat fifty. Anyway, so I see her latest pick, and now, of course, we know the truth.

Oprah thinks the Holocaust never happened. It's appalling. The book is Night, by Elie Wiesel, an eloquent and moving Holocaust memoir. But now, thanks to Oprah, all we can do is wait. Wait for The Smoking Gun to get its crack team of researchers on the case, so we can find out the truth. Wait for the evidence to appear, wait for the sham interview on Larry King Live, and wait for Oprah to once again defend the truth of something it's clear to her and to everyone isn't true at all. Oprah knows exactly what she's doing. The James Frey thing -- just like Bush's sham first choice for the Supreme Court, Harriet Miers -- was a decoy to set up what was next. Expectations were lowered after Bush picked Miers, and now Sam Alito can slide right through to confirmation, despite the evidence that he drives around his neighborhood with a dog-catcher's truck, snatching up all the children playing outside and taking them home to his backyard altar where he sacrifices them to the God of Unrestricted Capitalism.

Similarly, it wasn't James Frey that Oprah was concerned with. She knew his book was fiction all along, but she wanted to set up the pattern. Now everyone knows that when Oprah picks a memoir, it's not real. And that's how she's going to brainwash the country that the Holocaust never happened. She's an evil, evil woman, with a frightening agenda, and somehow she must be stopped. I'm not sure how, but hopefully someone will find a way. Before she strikes again, with her next selection, perhaps David McCullough's 1776, which will prove once and for all that we never actually gained independence from Britain, and suddenly the price of tea will go through the roof and all dental insurance will be eliminated. She needs to be stopped. For the sake of the nation.

If you check out that Amazon page for Elie Weisel's book, you'll find what I think is a pretty hilarious user review: "I have read many accounts of the Holocaust, but I think this one is the clearest. It is a short story (thank goodness!) and not cluttered with lots of dialogue." Yes, thank goodness it's a short story. Thank goodness it went so quickly, the killing and everything, so we wouldn't have to read too many pages. Thank goodness no one talked, or that dialogue would have been a burden to read and really eaten up my lunch break. Thank goodness the story of the Holocaust is so concise. Yes, thank goodness.

The version of Night without the Oprah sticker, which you can get for $1.69 used instead of about 4 times that price, has some other gems in the user reviews. Seriously, you can check for yourself:

"I'm not going to talk about the book at all because I don't want to give anything away."

"I don't enjoy this book. I'm not really into reading. Too much death. But if you're into the holocaust and graphic descriptions of death and dying this book is for you!"

"I also didn't like his mood. He was too much about the nazi and stuff. It got boring after a while.... Its got no enthusiasm and is depressing."

"The only good part was when Elie's dad died."

"What is the Holocaust? I never knew about the Holocaust until I read the book Night."

"All together this was a pretty good book it would have been an excellent book if it had more irony."

"The reason i did not like this book was because I am a hores freak. My friends say that I eat, dream, and sleep horses. Which in most cases is true. Most the time when i read a book it has to do somthing with horse or i just not intrested in reading the book."

"I also thought that the plot was not well thought of."

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Keshi hurts India

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Anti-Mahatma remarks create furore in Uttar Pradesh assembly
Tue, Mar 11 10:45 PM

Lucknow, March 11 (IANS) Uproarious scenes were witnessed in the Uttar Pradesh assembly Tuesday over remarks made by Lok Sabha member Yogi Adityanath of the Hindu Mahasabha against Mahatma Gandhi.

The issue brought arch rivals Samajwadi Party and the Congress on a common platform for the first time in recent history.

Members of the two parties not only shouted slogans but also stormed into the well of the house and in one voice condemned the allegedly 'dubious' attitude of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the issue.

It began with Congress legislature party leader Pramod Tiwari seeking to raise the issue through a point of order. He took strong exception to Adityanath's remarks questioning Mahatma Gandhi's status as the father of the nation.

'Gandhi was not the appropriate person to be called the father of the nation. Instead, the mantle should have gone to someone like Lord Ram or Krishna,' Adityanath, who represents Gorakhpur, told a gathering of youth at the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS)-run Saraswati Shishu Mandir here Monday.

Besides the local rank and file of the RSS, city mayor Dinesh Sharma of the BJP was also present on the occasion.

Tiwari trained his guns on the BJP and said all those subscribing to the BJP ideology were followers of Gandhiji's killer Nathuram Godse.

Resenting the remark, BJP leader Hukum Singh said: 'We have deep regard for Mahatma Gandhi and we all refer to him as Bapu too. But that does not mean that anyone who does not agree with that could be bracketed with the murderer of Gandhiji.'

'The title of the 'father of the nation' is not a constitutional position, but a sobriquet given by people out of utmost regard for Mahatma Gandhi. Therefore, everyone was free to express his opinion and that was perhaps what the Gorakhpur MP had done,' Singh argued.

Singh added: 'We all hold Gandhiji in very high esteem but the fact remains that some fake Gandhis have been using the name only to take political mileage.'

At that point, Tiwari got infuriated and led the Congress members into the well of the house.

As Tiwari and others chanted 'Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram', Gandhiji's favourite hymn, Samajwadi Party members too trooped into the well and raised anti-BJP slogans.

This was preceded by strong speeches by Samajwadi Party leader and former chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav, who is also Leader of Opposition in the house.

Coming out in open support of Tiwari, he seconded the demand for action against the Hindu hardliner MP for anti-Gandhiji remarks.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Laljee Verma opposed Tiwari's insistence of allowing the issue to be raised through a point of propriety. Amid the din that prevailed, Speaker Sukhdeo Rajbhar adjourned the house for 30 minutes after which other issues were taken up.

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Malcolm X

May 19, 1925(1925-05-19)North Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
February 21, 1965 (aged 39)New York, NY, U.S.
For the biographical movie of the same name, see Malcolm X (film).
"Malik Shabazz" redirects here. For other uses, see Malik Shabazz (disambiguation).
Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little; May 19, 1925February 21, 1965), also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz,[1] was an American Black Muslim minister and a spokesman for the Nation of Islam.
After leaving the Nation of Islam in 1964, he made the pilgrimage, the Hajj, to Mecca and became a Sunni Muslim. He also founded the Muslim Mosque, Inc. and the Organization of Afro-American Unity. Less than a year later, he was assassinated in Washington Heights on the first day of National Brotherhood Week.

Historian Robin D.G. Kelley wrote, "Malcolm X has been called many things: Pan-Africanist, father of Black Power, religious fanatic, closet conservative, incipient socialist, and a menace to society. The meaning of his public life — his politics and ideology — is contested in part because his entire body of work consists of a few dozen speeches and a collaborative autobiography whose veracity is challenged.... Malcolm has become a sort of tabula rasa, or blank slate, on which people of different positions can write their own interpretations of his politics and legacy. Chuck D of the rap group Public Enemy and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas can both declare Malcolm X their hero."[2]
1 Early years
2 Young adult years
3 Nation of Islam
3.1 Marriage and family
3.2 Meeting Castro
4 Tensions and departure from the Nation of Islam
5 Pilgrimage to Mecca
6 International travel
6.1 Africa
6.2 France and the UK
7 Death and afterwards
7.1 Assassination
7.2 Funeral
7.3 Response to Malcolm's death
8 Conspiracy theories
9 Popular culture
10 See also
11 References
12 External links
12.1 Research sites
12.2 Articles and reports
13 Further reading
13.1 By Malcolm X
13.2 Articles
13.3 Books