Monday, March 31, 2008

a New Earth Live Event

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What Do You Really Want to Do With Your Life?

That's the question the women here asked themselves at a point when their days were filled with the same old, same old. And then they jumped—sometimes without a clue as to where they were heading. The upshot was, each found herself one step closer to connecting wholeheartedly with the person she was meant to be. Meet women who started over.


krystyna said...

I am Oprah's show fan. She is great.

krystyna said...

I'm a participant - "A New Earth Live Event". Good program. For everybody!

krystyna said...

Arthur and Gusthav? - best wishes!

Have a great time, Jim!

Anonymous said...

Que. My wife has dark hair around her nipples. Please help, I hate them.

Ans. Most women have a few hairs growing around their nipples. Usually these can be tamed by regularly plucking them out. It is best not to shave them, as this leaves a blunt hair shaft that will grow through, feeling more stubbly and appearing more noticeable.

zingtrial said...

Hi! cool ,Oprah Winfrey's early years were anything but successful.she worked hard :)

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