Monday, March 31, 2008

favorite quotes of my fav girl

1) Love thy neighbor - and if he happens to be tall, debonair, and devastating, it will be that much easier ~ May West

2) From the moment I was six I felt sexy. And let me tell you it was hell, sheer hell, waiting to do something about it. ~ Bette Davis

3) The dying process begins the minute we are born, but it accelerates during dinner parties ~ Carol Matthau

4) Every time I think that Im getting old, and gradually going to the grave, something else happens - Lillian Carter

5) Choose something that you swore you could never, ever live without, and give it away…Giving is the first act of living ~Rachel Snyder

6) I don’t want to be a passenger in my own life. ~Diane Ackerman

7) We somen talk too much, but even then we don't tell half what we know ~Nancy Astor

8) I used to trouble about what life was for- now being alive seems sufficient reason ~Joanna Field

9) Big girls need big diamonds. ~Elizabeth Taylor

10) When you stop having dreams and ideals - well, you might as well stop altogether. ~Marian Anderson

11) When my enemies stop hissing, I shall know I am slipping. ~Maria Callas

12) I do believe in reincarnation, but I do not believe there is life before noon. ~Florence KingAnd my favorite:

13) If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito. ~Anita Roddick

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LOL thats an easy Thursday 13 on a monday.