Saturday, July 30, 2005

my new friendz ...

these are a few of those guys who make my life worth living ...

i can kick their ass for fun
and they wont kick back

and out of dis whole list

i love JANICE the most she has taken a whole lotta ribbing from me for almost 2 years. Wud have proposed if she had been a little less dumb

Hey shit face mangy, may i post your pic?

wud love to make new friendz
any volunteers?

the ass bone setter says if u dont have a butt of steel, it cud be dangerous, even fatal
dis guy kicks ass and he kicks hard
he used to play football for DEMPO, the top team in Goa then, dat won the Rovers Cup in India, when the portuguese left

To me friends are more than family

coz Relatives are by accident, friends are by choice, i dont have to wear a towel when i come out of the shower, if i have a friend waiting outside, i dont have any ting to hide from him/her, he/she has seen more than my body, my friend has seen my soul, and he/she likes the whole package, my friend may not like some of me, but he does like the whole

the whole is more than a sum of the parts

and i just added another, after a severe thrashing ... was abt judgement day

and Kesh, u must allow annony mouses in!, if not u create in-breeding- Birds of a feather fuck together. Coz u need to be kicked in the ASS sometimes, just as ASHES did to me- to gimme the proper perspective


want u to no dat ur the bestest friend

i.e. after those silly girls: Arzoonie, rohitoonie, shitoonie, etc..

hope we will be lovers soon in reall

and the latest pic is janeez

yeah i no

all mangys have dat complexion, she is lovely but not fair and lovely

adrienne is too beautiful for words

i cheated, cudnt take the chance of loosing her by my third degree treatment


Rex Venom said...

Good stuff. And that ass stuff is true, right?
Rock on!

Anonymous said...

u can bet yr ass it is!
and u just been added

Keshi said...

goshhh that was so sweet! Thanks Saby for considering me to be someone who makes ur life worth living...r u sure this is wut u really intended to say? Kinda too much for me to take lol :)


Keshi said...

yep u said that right Saby...a friend sees the value of the package, not each piece's...good one!


saby said...

and i added Austin Powers too,
i tried to add his foto
but all i gott is dat line above

real spooky fella
gave me the shivers a few days back

and if u get a summons from The Income Tax department fo tax arrears,
relax its only dat Austin Powers

Anonymous said...

im not mentioned grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

- minnie mouse

Anonymous said...

u bben verry verryy nottie
get on my knee,


Whack! Whack!

now i gotta make her my friend as per terms above

Anonymous said...

hell is much hottter
i dont wanna go to Heaven

i pass
take Pithaly, Lord

jkhkhjkh said...

Pithaly is already in hell.

saby said...

its OK Pithaly, me too
but when Demon Queen gets here u will be in heaven

De.vile said...

You are a messed up old fool and new friends?

Gimme a break!

Yeah its really sweet you got that blood rose pic in.

Lady Sappho said...

Aw, you DO love me - LOL

Kerry said...

our saby... you have been very busy love! *hugs* we counldn't have made it this far with out you my friend!

i lubs you!!

Anonymous said...

yeah !
i been busy
it aint been easy making Sappho

i mean making Sappho my friend

niki yokota said...

awww~ chweeet!! thank u very much saby-ji!!(*^o^*)
sorry i dont have my cleavage pic.

Manny said...

arent you a dumbass posting my picture? :)) I am not your friend fucktard hahahahahaha!!! Do not cry :)) lol

Mayimakeyousmile said...

Dear, dear Saby - I'm doting on your words - but, you're better! ;)

starbender said...

What a great site!
I'll see what I can find!

Anonymous said...

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