Saturday, July 02, 2005

i love Minnie ....

coz she loves me more than Diffy, she didnt use words


De.vile said...

Its so hard to say this but I really started missing your shitty comments on my blog.

They arent sunshine but then again I need to know someone else is more, much, much more frustrated.

I cant let off people too.

Anonymous said...

Well wat do uno!
suddenly i am the most lovable,eligible married man in mumbai

Anonymous said...

alas de Vile,
ur too late

Minnie has my heart
and all the rest of me too

Anonymous said...

devile is self fish :-(

dont come in her traps

Saby is kind enff guy

Minnie mouse.

Anonymous said...

i no !
neways De Vile

when u want me in yr arms
all u have to do is dream

and if u want more
all u gotta do is ....

dream some more