Friday, July 01, 2005

Shitty Bank ....

If u want a credit card
Don’t go to shittybank
Indian banks like ICICI, DCB, HDFC give more reasonable terms

Besides these banks don’t hire goons to terrorize u for non-payment of dues

These guys are flush wid funds but no takers ...

uno why ?

these guys give u an umbrella when yr sun is shining
and take it back when ur cot in a downpour

and they wont rest till they extract a pound of flesh too


diffy said...

lol never a lender or a borrower u be...

saby said...

heyyyy Diffy mmuaahhh muaaahhh muaaahhh
huggs hugggs huggggssssss

tot u died when the austraylayan rejected yr heart

saby said...

when u gonna activate yr blogg ?

diffy said...

loll heartbreaker very much ard...keep readin u all nupe i never got stuck in a moment wid her....hey heard balasahib emulated in SARKAR?

diffy said...

ps:u are dat adjective

Anonymous said...

Yeah i no wat u mean
its good to be philosophical abt failures
no point in hanging one's self

besides u cant be sure her grapes are sweet

and anyways who needs grapes
we want melons rite?

saby said...

wat adjectives
there arent no adjectives in SARKAR staement of yours

u going looney Diffy
u have been affected much more than u care to admit

diffy said...

after loll...n before very?

Anonymous said...

i still say ur unhinged
but if its any comfort to u

i saw her crying in the rain
me not dumb

i can distiguish btw raindrops and tear drops

Anonymous said...

some body broke her heart too

Anonymous said...

u some times see her crying in the chapel too

elvis and she both comforting each other

now is the time to make yr move
u just mite catch her on the rebound

diffy said...

lol...i have nothing to say to her ..nothing she hasnt already..heard..

Anonymous said...

wat u said to her ??
u louse!

Anonymous said...

she dont subscribe to pre-marital sex

u idiot !

diffy said...


diffy said...

ok did a blog...

Anonymous said...

Taka Tak biddu

Cyen said...

I hate banks the sur-charge everthing but the shirt off yer back..i just put my money underneath my mattress..govt...can't touch that shit.. not tax the hell out of hard working people..i sound totally political..but ain't it the truth..((hugs))..shae.

jkhkhjkh said...

Its called Ursury, and is banned by most religons in the world.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

W T F ! Diffy,
wats the use of a blogg
if u dont allow feedback?

i was thrilled to note dat i was the first to visit a virgin blogg

but u had put on an all steel chastity belt of 16 swg

jkhkhjkh said...

Heard of Fractional Reserve Banking? Ever wondered how banks are making so much money. This is how in simplified language:

The Federal Reserve is privately owned. This is 100% true. bank needs to maintain only 10% as financial asstes for giving out loans. i.e., if it maintains say 10 crores, it can give out 100 crooe loans. How does it do taht? It applies to the Treasury, which than prints out 90 crore worth of notes and gives it to the Bank, against a promisory note. (This is what causes inflation). The bank therefore, is lending you money it does not have, and is making interest on it. The bank only needs to find hard-working people whom they asses can win, and pay back the interest.

This whole system of mere paper is called "fiat" money. This is what is causing the dollar to drop in value. Tresury is issuing bonds, which the chinese are buying, and the money is being printed. One day, this system will collapse, i.e., dollar will be worthless, since all those treasury i.o.u's have no gold or asset backing. Mere paper.

The entire banking system is controlled by JEws since time immorrial. That's why Jews are so well loved. (I hope shae (Cyen) in not a Jew!

jkhkhjkh said...

Prick, post some interesting things, not only things which will attract unwary and unknown girls to your blog.

Anonymous said...

Pithaly dont generalize !
Jesus is a jew

Anonymous said...

He followed the law of Moses
though He redifined the intent in many cases

and abolished rituals

Anonymous said...

the banking system is a boon

now u and i wid no inherited capital can start up new businesses by venture funds from venture venture capitalists

hence the upstart Bill Gates and Google cud become become beeger than IBM

interest on the amount loaned is necessary

Indira Gandhi nationalized the banks and started loan melas and fucked up Bank Of Baroda (now CBI)
Bank Of Baroda was a TATA Bank

and the shares by dad bought became toilet paper becoz of Non performing assets

besides charity only creates beggars and robs a man of his pride

saby said...

the alternative to the banking system is

but dis can only happen in a Ram Rajya

Demon Queen said...

I hate these companies.

That's about it.

I'm adding your link sweetheart.


Janice said...

heyyyyyyyyyy citibank aint that bad i prefer HSBC but nevertheless

Hey granpa how come julia blog has no post recently...put some interesting post re this is boring...

saby said...

@#$%$#%@ Janeeezz!
me boring /

u uu uu u damn mangy!

Anonymous said...

u want interesting posts go to