Sunday, February 27, 2005

how to tell if he is a guy or a momma's boy

dont miss it...its fucking-fan-fantastic

Hey guys

u must visit here

u will tank me for it
when u do

u too dewdy. sebia, caraf, and of course Kesh

jeremy and janice will definitely do so
but on the sly

they are under 18

PS: just joking ...wat u saw above were samples of wat u will find here ... but if u stray...u may need parental guidance ...if yr parents are busy call dis old man ... he is harmless


saby said...

CAUTION: patrental guidance required

they will surely freak out too

and u just mite end up wid another brother or sister too

9 months hence

De.vile said...

ha! been there b4 u. cept a few pics the rest is all :P