Sunday, February 20, 2005

one day at a time, sweet Jesus ......

is all i am asking for


i have seen rain
and i have seen pain

i seen sunny days
dat i tot wud never end

and then
my love said 'good bye'

but, i will survive
wid u by side

one day at a time, sweet Jesus
is all i am asking for

help me to live
just one day at a time


Anonymous said...

saby ,first you be nice ..then GOD will shower blessings on you.i simply dont understand writers who doesnt practise what they preach are a hypocrite just like keshi is .

if u wish for happiness , learn to give happiness rather than by cricising or hurting others.saby,u dont deserve kindness ..i have seen u bothering those who are kind(not tanvi , neha and all those)

keshi is no different , totally obsessed with herself..sweet on blog and trash on chat.dont cry in life when something bad happens, it somehow reciprocates for ur deeds ...


Keshi said...

To the anonymous coward:

We may be like trash in chat hunny but that's what your little brain suggests - we can't help it - you need more processing power to understand complex people:) May be in your nex tlike you may get more cranium but we cant wait for it...

Actually you are the one who's trash - it seems that you have no life than to keep checking our blogs for new posts and put down immediately what has been boiling in your sick mind all weekend! Get a life...go out there, meet people, get rid of your cowardice and enjoy life...what I am and Saby, should not bother you if you had a life mate...

Btw who would listen to anything that a coward says anyway? LOL you are just so scared you scaredy cat, hai na?? boohoo here comes the boogy man!

Heart-warming post Saby and keep up the good work!


saby said...

Hey Anony mouse
its OK to post anonymousely
but do sign the post wid a name
it neednt be yr name

so dat we cud understand u

if u dont do dat all those other anony mouse comments will be attributed to u

a real angry anony mouse called me a MC-BC

i m sure it was not u
but it cud be u

saby said...

Heyy Kesh
when we have a public blogg
we have to face the world and all the anonymouses

ur far too sensitive
u neednt reply to anonymouses

nothing angers an anonymouse so much
as the ignore

my friend Pithaly also posts anony mousely bcoz he dont want to go into the create a blogg hazzle

so its OK wid me
i wish all the other anonymouses wud do the same

mysty aura said...

im not kind? and what cruel act have i done anonymous?

saby said...

yes Neha
ur cruel .. u sashay in here wid dat hip swinging walk ... and u just disappear ...

i got u under me skin .. (i got the hottz 4u in guy lang)

mysty aura said...

did not ask you saby. looks like you don't even know what cruelty is. dont respond to matters that are unrelated to you.

Anonymous said...

hehehe .....