Sunday, February 20, 2005

marriage is no rose garden .....

u gotta give a little...take a little

i beg yr pardon
i never promised u a rose garden

along wid the sunshine
there's gotta be a little rain sometime

- from a song of our gen

marriage can be beautiful, and
marrige can be hell

dont marry a girl for her blue eyes, or
the way her jeans fit

or lust,

'desire ceases to exist
once it is satisfied'
- anonymous


Anonymous said...

Pappa dont preach

- janice

Anonymous said...

there goes my baby
wid some one new
she sure looks happy
i sure am blue
she was my baby till he stepped in

i am thru wid romance
i am thru wid love
i am thru wid counting the stars above

- everley brothers

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i will never let u see
the way my broken heart is hurting me

i will do my crying in the rain
u will never no the rain from the tears in my eyes

raindrops falling from heaven
will never wash away my pain

some day when my crying is done
i am gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun

til then i will do my crying in the rain

- everley brothers

Rachel said...

I absolutely agree on the marriage view... it certainly isnt a rose garden looking at the way my parents havea go at each other...but it isnt bad either

saby said...

heyy Rachel,
u just step in and vanish !

start yr blogg pronto
so i can post u some dirty pics from my collection ....

Keshi said...

thanks Saby for letting me know...I will stay single forever then - ok?? lol!

Marriage may not be a rose garden but then it does not HAVE to be a rose garden...remember rose gardens are beautiful from afar but full of thorns in close view :) Marriage can be like just any garden that blooms in Spring and slumbers in and downs...that's what makes a marriage more beautiful and least that's what I believe...


saby said...

Hey Kesh,
if u will allow me to flirt wid u after marriage ...

i wont try to dissuade u from getting married

saby said...

but promise me ..

u wont marry dat muslim guy

saby said...

Ok ..kesh now dat u agreed go to :
for positive tots abt marriage...

no kidding dis is not a porn site

firacub said...

Ok Saby,
As per your wish, I have posted my pics. Enjoy....


saby said...

dis is the best news i heard since i learnt dat Janice is getting married ...

oh, i miss janice
i asked for her pic and fira sends me his pic

God hates me !