Sunday, February 06, 2005

my clean FRIENDS ....
i clicked the pic.... u wont find me here

KESHI ...... the girl wid the longest hair (bottom left corner)

next to Kesh ..... grinning like an idiot is JEREMY

next to Jeremy ... looking lost is TANVI

now lets go to the top and see the men ...

left is NV (my blog)... he assumes dat Keshi loves him
(how rong can one get! ... the guy she loves is not in the pic)

in the center is DIFFY ... hahahaha ...the guy tinks dat Keshi has flipped for him
(poor DIFFY living in a fool's paradise)

the tall guy to the right is REX VENOM ... he gate crashed ... rest of the family is wondering who he is !

the sweetest girl right in the middle is mom (PREEYA)
the guy on top wid a smirk on his mug is not dad
PREEYA is a single mom

the youngest girl next to Preeya is Janice ... actually she is 27 but wat u see is her mind ... she always grins .... even at funerals ... she is naive .. she tinks she shud be happy coz the guy dat died is in heaven now

the girl next to janice is probably PRITI... or cud be ANNA ... guess we gotta ask REX VENOM who is hugging her so possessively


Keshi said...

awwwwwwww how sweet Saby!! I was touched by this post! You are really thoughtful, thanks for this...I had a good laugh and some warm smiles...


Janice said...

Lol that was abundle of laughs jules... really enjoyed that one...wheres old uncle sabby in the picture by the way???

an im 25 will turn 26 this year u r actually aging me before my time u know

Janice said...

Hey i saw Page 3 last nite re...was SUPERB...luved it...was so realistic i must say...i HATE Madhur bhandarker...but the jackass actually did a splendid wrk on the movie i must say...Konkana acting is gr8 in the movie

Anonymous said...

saby madarchod saale fucking choot .. disgusting piece of solidified camel's semen .Haramiii fcukerrrr ..u know ur humour is so low and u r so disgusting ..age 54 ? bhadwe do u get ur penis up ????? madarchod and flirting with keshi.she is of ur daughters age and others r of ur grand daughters age madarchod

saby said...

solidified camel's semen ...

hey anony mouse
ur funny some times

but most times
u just tell the world
u envy dis 54 yo young man