Friday, February 11, 2005

citrus: ashes to ashes, dust to dust

citrus: ashes to ashes, dust to dust

just borrowed Citrus' title ...

ASH WEDNESDAY (for all u guys who dont no)... tells u

Vanity of vanities ..all is vanity...

fair and lovely...and face lifts....and boob lifts ....
rinkles and shampoo and dandruff dont matter

yr soul counts .... not body beautiful..

dat means a lot to me ... my body is deteriorating fast ...
lost my grinders ... but i still got me 2 front teeth..

hair is greying but not yet bald ..
got more hair than Pithaly

abt dat guy below the belt
the less said the better

gotta go now b4 the one i love hears all dis ..


Janice said...

i totally agree with u jules .... ASH wed huh...well i went to chruch for the morning 6.30 mass an came back i even skipped a meal my lunch cause was fasting but then to do that for 40 i just cudnt do it my tummy keeps on growling ; )...but then it turned out to be the lousiest day of my entire life i fought with my mom... we still arent on talkin terms now and its been 4 days...the last time we gave each other ethe silent treatment i rember was when i was 17 an she used to irritate the hell outta me then....but it was totally not my fault she misunderstands whtever i was ur ash wed...what time mass did u attend huh

Pithaly said...


"When I was there in Seminary School,

There was a person that put forward the proposition,

That you can petition the Lord... With prayer.

PETITION the Lord with prayer...!!


saby said...

dis guy Pithaly has got a queer sense of humor (he is queer too)

he likes to make meaningles comments and expects us to make sense of wat he just said ...