Tuesday, March 01, 2005

les is more ..........

got dis from one of REX VENOM'S friends ...... .

It’s not much longer now, nineteen days in fact, until I see Her again.
I won’t be dreading having to get up at four in the morning, to go to the airport, so I can get there for the six thirty flight.
I’ll be tired, but won’t give in, even on the four hour flight.
My heart will be racing with excitement, and my smile will be so big.
She’ll be waiting at baggage, with a luggage cart.
I know that She will have the same cute grin on Her face, that She had the first time W/we met.
I will run into Her arms, give Her a big hug, and kiss each of Her cheeks….saving the real hello kiss for in the car.
On the long drive from the airport to Her house, I know we will hold hands tight,….and talk about this and that.
When W/we get to Her house, I know we will go to O/our room….
She will say, step back let me look at you.
I will obey.
I will step back, turn around, and smile at Her.
She will only nod Her head, which will be my cue….to remove the clothes, that I know, I will have picked out days before.
I know She will be naked before I am done.
Already be sitting on O/our bed.
She will say come, and I will….. I will crawl up onto the bed, and to Her.
W/we will make passionate love….continuing where W/we left off on O/our last visit.
This is exactly where W/we were the last time, on O/our bed…
Loving, caressing, playing, laughing, cuddling, kissing, licking ….tasting…..savoring O/our time together.
Then W/we will sleep in each O/others arms, resting up....
for the next ten days of...
Loving, caressing, playing, laughing, cuddling, kissing, licking ….tasting…..


Keshi said...

re:ur comments abt me being dumb in chikka's blog

Saby dun let the earlier argument get to u so much that ur spewing venom on me everywhere in other people's blogs too! It's actually a low quality. Birds of the same feather flock together - u n diffy! U must think that we all have to bow down our heads to ur sordid, immoral, porn-loving principles?? duhhh get a life!! In the vicinity of safe n secure net life u r rejoicing ur seemingly missed fantasies but it dusnt give u any right to force ur sick thoughts upon others. I dun like it n so accept it that way!

Please dun comment abt my comments hereafter, have some respect for ur 'old' blog mates if that means anything to u. Dun act like some 4yr old when ur actually 54.


Anonymous said...

keshi, dont be so stubborn ..

nothing wrong in accepting your faults!

anony mouse

saby said...

wasnt expecting some body to read dis post ..

yes, Bob Dylan
'the times they have changed'

Keshi said...

Anony mouse alias Saby,

Wat fault did I do? LOL! U r so confused! Rather u accept ur faults!


saby said...

will some one tell dat dumb girl dat Diffy and Saby are not mice !

these guys are men in CAPS
and not 4year old boys

i dunno abt the muslim guy though .....

Anonymous said...

i am not 54 yr OLD man im an 4 yrold with 50 years of expeience

Janice said...

You cannot continue to treat someone badly whom you claim to care for.

Do not mistake their patience and tolerance for acceptance.

saby said...

Janice ... dumbass !

shut up i am old enuff to be yr dad

and goyenkars are not dumb mangys

saby said...


i swear on my dad's grave
dat anony mouse is not me


Pssssstt ! dad,
relax ur dead already
nothing worse can happen to u

Janice said...

haha liar liar pants on fire thats deafinately u ANON mouse...

Anonymous said...

the japanese proposed 'zero defect'

keshi achieved it

- anony mouse

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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firacub said...



Anonymous said...
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