Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mother Theresa ...... the saint of the slums ....
John Paul II loved her


BM, The Necessary Movement said...

she needs to eat more!!!! wait... to late for that.

Dewdrop said...

John Paul II loved her?
How do you know this?

Kitten said...

saby..maybe its time for glasses????
Haloscan may be smaller...but at least it WORKS.....with blogger its a crap shoot...50% of the time u lose....

Keshi said...

I have great respect for Mother Theresa...she is what I call an Angel on Earth...not many can be as giving as she was, not even 1% of what she was...she's God's messenger...like u see a rare pearl in the mud...


saby said...

it aint no sacrifice
wat she did
she did for love

Love is like a ladder that helps you attain higher and higher levels of loving consciousness.

The idea of pure love should be nurtured. A girl and a boy's world comes crashing down because their love is either rejected or ignored. As an individual you should remind yourself that your lover is only one aspect of that pure idea.

Your love encompasses so many others: your mother, father, sister and brother, for instance. They are all forms, all waves in the ocean of love. A human being has an enormous capacity to love, and he is capable of loving many people in his life.

In other words you should not restrict your love to only one person. Your lover is only a tiny expression of your capacity to love.

So don't get depressed or think of ending your life just because a miniscule part of your huge potential called love is refused by your lover.

The tendency is that when you go through heartache in love, you vow never to love again. This is a huge mistake; it is a miscalculated step that can deprive you of experiencing pure love, ultimately.

Love is like a ladder that helps you attain higher and higher levels of loving consciousness. It could start with one person and end with totality.

Love is the beginning, God is the end. What a bargain — one just has to share and accept love to attain God or rather, to become one with God. Love is painful sometimes, because it is not real love.

Real love is when one does not expect anything from the person you love. Love wholeheartedly and don't expect anything in return. There is bound to be disappointment and frustration if you lay down specifications for your love.

The selfish attitude that arises out of attachment is the root cause for love becoming painful — we never seem to be satiated with the return that the other offers.

Even if the journey of love is not smooth, go for it. If you don't dive into the river of love, how will you reach the ocean? Life wouldn't be a pilgrimage without the pain and suffering wrought by love.

Of course love is going to be painful but one would reach higher levels of consciousness with the help of it. Creativity reaches its zenith when in love. It is out of agony that ecstasy is born.

You might want to reach the ecstasy stage without going through the pain of loving but it's just not possible. You have to go through the dark night to be able to appreciate the sight of a beautiful sunrise.

So don't be apprehensive about going through agony because, remember, it ultimately leads to bliss. Bliss which is the purpose and goal of life. Don't feel guilty when you have indulged in a relationship because there is an intense possibility of love arising out of it. Love is a higher experience than lust. Even if lust is mud, the lotus of love could bloom from it.

There are three kinds of people: One kind believes that physical attraction is the beginning and the end of love as they miss out on the opportunity to grow.

The other kind abstains from physical relationship as they neither recognise it as the beginning nor the end and so lose out on the enormous opportunity to evolve.

The third kind knows that the right physical chemistry is the beginning, not the end, a means to attain higher levels of consciousness. It is a mere guide to the attainment of God.

So don't shy away from love, for you can't know of God and attain bliss unless you know what pure love is.

got dis from http://spirituality.indiatimes.com/articleshow/1020149.cms

saby said...

"True love doesn't have a happy ending, true love has no ending.

I dream of your touch while you are away,
I dream of your smile all through the day,

I remember the day,
You came into my life,

I dream of the day I will be your wife.

I dream of the day I can fall asleep next to you,
I dream of the day I can say I do.

To be your wife,

To be together for life,

Is a dream I have,

Every night.

dis was http://hotlittlething.blogspot.com/2005/02/true-love-doesnt-have-happy-ending.html

i wish it were addressed to me
but it probably is Rex
he has captured the heart of all my girl friends

saby said...

Who can forget the evocative retelling of the story of Shibi Rana in Cradle Tales Of Hinduism or the compelling narrative of the spread of Buddhism in Footfalls of Indian History ?

The two companion pieces were written by a woman whose love and dedication to the cause of India's resurgence have become legendary. Indeed, her guru called her Nivedita, "the Dedicated One".

Transformed by the clarion call of Swami Vivekananda, Margaret Noble left home and hearth to plunge into the task set by her preceptor, to immerse herself completely in the Indian renaissance.

She was so dedicated that Rabindranath Tagore was to call her later as a Lokmata, mother of the people, and Aurobindo described her as an Agnisikha, flame of fire. They were only reinforcing what her own teacher Vivekananda thought of her — he described her as "a real lioness".

Nivedita loved her adopted motherland. Her multifaceted persona inspired and guided the young talents of J C Bose, Abanindranath Tagore and Subramania Bharati in diverse fields. She herself lived a simple and austere life, in the tradition of her teacher.

The spiritual trigger provided by Vivekananda was to be expanded into nationalist causes by Sister Nivedita. She said, "...I will look to India, India may look to the West if she wishes... My task is to awaken the nation". She was guiding and helping J C Bose with not only sponsorships; she provided editorial assistance for his research papers.

She inspired Abanindranath Tagore to revive the Indianness of Indian art and to dispel the Hellenic influences. Nivedita encouraged Subramania Bharati's vision and ideals in his fight against casteism. Subramania Bharati was often heard saying that in the presence of Sister Nivedita, he used to feel a tremendous power, a Shakti.

Her work among the poorest and the most destitute in Calcutta mark her out as an early forerunner of Mother Teresa. Her work and inspiration during Calcutta's 1899 plague is legendary. She initiated relief work and help camps by sweeping the streets and cleaning the drains. Thousands came out on the streets to help her, as tribute and in recognition of the ideals of sacrifice and service which Sister Nivedita upheld for all, and which she embodied completely.

It was this tremendous will-power and strength that saw her go house-to-house to enlist girls for her school in Calcutta in the same period, in an effort to break down old prejudices. Her involvement and concern ensured her ending up as a member of their families, as the Sister of Calcutta. Despite want of funds and extreme privation, she kept the girls' school going. Her spirit of service saw her wading through water to help people in villages during the 1905 East Bengal floods.

Nivedita's love of everything Indian was eloquently demonstrated in her serving of tea to Lady Minto on a visit to the Dakshineshwar temple. Swami Tathagatananda records that everything was swadeshi — biscuits, tea, sugar, cups and saucers even. Subramania Bharati's poem on Nivedita describes her as "...Sun dispelling my soul's darkness,/ Rain to the parched land of our lives,/ Helper of the helpless...".

J C Bose got the image of a woman stepping forward, lamp in hand, installed at his research centre later in her memory. But nowhere more poignantly is Sister Nivedita's life summed up than in her epitaph in Darjeeling: "Here repose the ashes of Sister Nivedita who gave her all to India".

- Anony mouse

saby said...

by a strange co-incidence

Mother Theresa chose her successor to be Sister Niveditha - a Hindu who joined her mission a while back

diffy said...

Also by a strange co-incidence

Saby daddy...chose his successor to be Gay diffy- a Hindu who joined his mission a while back ...

PS: Mes still on saby-Tical...and as a true lover..had not... has not n wont..comment on any other blog...will join this madhouse by june..to do justice to ye blog...

BM, The Necessary Movement said...

Interesting stuff saby!! I am happy I got the chance to meet your blog!