Wednesday, March 16, 2005

WOOMEN ON TOP .........

or the hand dat rocks the cradle rules the world

Woomen of today
are smarter than the men i say

wanna no why they are smarter?


or click on WOOMEN ON TOP above


Dewdrop said...

yep yep we rule !!

julia said...

I'm a thirty minute saby,
And I can give you a ride!
Let me have it Baby,
Just let me get inside!

I'll do you like no other one,
No one's done before to you!
I will love you Baby,
I'll love you through and through!

Give me your precious "Garden-Plot,"
Just give it to me right now!
Let me show you Baby,
Just how good I can plow!

Let me have your tender sweet holes,
They're yummy enough to eat!
Give them to me Baby,
I know they can't be beat!

Let me have your sweet "Honey-Dew,"
You know that I'll do you right!
Give it to me Baby,
I'll do you every night!!

Janice said...

hmmmmm no arugments on dat one i say ;).... Chris is come back... so cant go to messanger or hell KILL ME ;(... anyways am leavin by next week will mail ya... take care n god bless was nice knowin ya... luv Janice

Janice said...

Damn i 4got to wish u a happy easter in advance ...:)

saby said...

Damn !

u just cant wish any one happy easter in advance
I got a long way to go

Carrying the cross
Crucifixtion on the same cross

only if u die
can u be resurrected again, DUMMY !

- Jesus