Thursday, March 03, 2005

i love america ...

and it's not just bcoz mel lives there

America is the melting pot of many cultures
unfortunately some in the Gujju NRI community

live in a ghetto
they still want to remain bhartiya naris

in dis community virginity is a priced community
they are the highest prized whores

u want their cherry
u gotta marry them

these marriages are very often arranged
by their parents

hey Mel see
Dilwale Dulhaniya le layenge - a Sharukh Khan

by the way, Mel
u see Sharukh Khan
Tom Cruise will be history

yeah the austraylayan girl
loves SRK, so do i
dats how we bonded

they marry at age 24
until then their vagina's are surrounded by cobwebs

OK, bye Mel
i gotta run now

if i intend to stay alive
like Jon Travolta


saby said...

Chris is no gujju
he hott goyenkar, like me .. expect the worst

Dont come packing home
if u catch him pantz down wid the girl next door

just tell the sonavabitch

'Chris u continue wid dis
i will soon be wearing short skirts

and no panties'

Joy said...

I am just learning to love America :)

Anonymous said...

if u have a guy or girl in america
u will love america

other wise its highly unsafe
u mite be necking wid a guy/girl
in some Towers

then u feel the ground shake
under yr feet

u tink ur having an orgasm
but no those guys who hate america

have dont it again !

Come to mumbai
Come to mumbai
Mumbai aamchi hai

u will love my India

Anonymous said...
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