Monday, June 19, 2006

stand up, stand up woman

Fight for your rights


cheesemeister said...

Looks like for once I'm the first!
A friend and I were talking once and I told her that I would identify myself as a feminist because I believe women should have equal opportunities. She asked me if I believed that women should be drafted into the army. I said no, but I don't believe that ANYONE should be drafted. However I do believe that women should be able to voluntarily serve their country. But it would be better if serving our country didn't have to involve killing.
I thought about joining the Air Force when I was young but ended up not doing so because it pissed me off that they wouldn't allow women to be pilots. I didn't want to kill anybody--I just wanted to fly the cool planes!
Anyway, good post. Very thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Today's Lesson:

How to Speak Gibberish

Gibberish is a form of doubletalk or Double Dutch. A "secret language" or "language game" often used by young girls.

Break a word down into spoken syllables. Generally, every syllable in a word contains one vowel sound. Here are some words and their syllables:

tree: tree
bottle: bo (pronounced bah), ttle (pronounced tul)
symmetry: sy (sih), mme (meh), try (tree)
Add the sound "-idiga" after the first consonant(s) and before the vowel sound of each syllable:

tree: tridiga
bottle: bidiga, tidiga
symmetry: sidiga, midiga, tridiga
Replace the "a" sound in "-idiga" with the rest of the syllable:

tree: tridigee
bottle: bidigo (bidigah), tidigle
symmetry: sidigim, midigidge, tridigy
Repeat with every word.
Practice, practice, practice!

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saby said...

where did u get dis shit from?