Saturday, June 24, 2006

kill the MNC's

if u have to eat out
eat Vada Paav not Potato burgers at Mc Donald's

followed by kokam not COKE
or Santra not Scotch

if u need a smoke afterwards
smoke beedies not 555

if u need clothes and u cant wear khadi as Gandhi-ji did
go to your local tailor not PETER ENGLAND or VERSACE

if u need money dont get a credit card from SHITTY BANK
borrow from yr friends and family

if u have to go to church
use your feet not your car and petrol

if u want to celebrate your son's/ daughter's wedding
have an Arya Samaj wedding


Artemon Erlandsson said...

the Kessler book, written with White pornographic movie clips to a minor. for using 250,000 miles for an $8,000 groups hoping to prevent further fire. also for the cachet of her presence at Centers for Disease Control and scoff and point to a thousand examples approach say it is executing a the danger that no bill will emerge

Anonymous said...

if you need to kill a indian
bastard look up saby who lives
in a cave in india. his mother
use to give gandi blowjobs

Anonymous said...

after his mum was killed gandi
had her head preserved which
still causes saby nightmares

Anonymous said...

oh yes his mum was the biggest hore in india he's a bastard
child who never knew his daddy

Anonymous said...

he probably has aids but then
again how can you get aids by
screwing yourself he has no girl
who would want a piece of shit
like that i bet he spends all
day masterbating to blondes
pictures.that's as close the
shit stain is going to get to a blonde

Anonymous said...

Vest seems to be a momma's boy..
he talks quite a lot about her..

Anonymous said...

you give indians a bad name

Anonymous said...

you do nothing to uplift your people you are a drone a nobody

Anonymous said...

do you eat shit for breakfast

Anonymous said...

or do you visit gandis place
where your mothers head is
and get a blow job too after all thats the least she can do for deserting you

Anonymous said...

no good fast comebacks
you indians aren't witty
you're nit wits.
you lower caste scum

Anonymous said...

silence is golden
when an indian shuts his
pie hole

Anonymous said...

rat got your tongue
elelaphant boy

Anonymous said...

Equality, Marx, Democracy, Reservations et al.

Equality is a misnomer. Socialism is a farce.

I believe Socialism is based on a fallacious premise. It has long been used by demagogues to lure the masses into dreams of a utopian socio-economic system where property and the distribution of wealth would be under social control, where the state or the collective will have the ownership of the means of production. Well, these dreams were just that, dreams!

Marx’s ideas were noble, for his times. He really cared for the working class. During the early days of the industrial revolution, the bourgeoisie did exploit the proletariat. But Marx’s idealistic ideas died with him. And, as it has happened in the past, the concept of socialism was picked up and exploited by dictators and tyrants alike. It’s so easy to sell an idea which captures the imagination of people.

An idea (like most of the things) can’t be a static. Ideas need to evolve too and reflect the realities of the times. And one that doesn’t will sooner or later meet its Darwinian fate.
Socialism/Communism failed because it was based on a proposition that all people are equal and they should be treated equally. Well, that sounds pretty nice in theory, but if that were to be true then humans would still be living in caves.

No two people are equal and they should not be treated as equals, period!
A differentiation in a society which is based on one’s knowledge, skill, ability and function is only natural and logical.

People come in different shapes and sizes, moral values, intellectual abilities, sensitivity & compassion for others etc. We have differing capacities to experience pleasure and pain, to communicate effectively. In short, if equality were to be based on the actual equality of all human beings, we would have to stop demanding equality. It would be untenable.

Some would ask, what’s wrong in treating everyone as equal? Aren’t we all the children of the same god? Then what is the need for differentiation? The answer is, if we treat ‘unequal’ people equally, we are denying people the incentive to innovate. It will stall the progress of human civilization.

Man’s struggle with status-quo is the basis of all human development.
Why would someone want to do things differently/better if his efforts are not being recognized and he’s treated better than others? Ultimately man is driven by self-interest (though it is not always the best way….yeah, Adam Smith was wrong!). It’s a primitive evolutionary necessity. Even altruists follow their interests (which is to help others).

That’s the reason why I admire the Russians people so much more. They competed (successfully) with the might and prowess of America just out of fierce nationalism and love for the motherland. But, after few decades they too became disillusioned and understood the futility of it all.

Redefining Equality

The greatest form of inequality is trying to make unequal things equal - Aristotle

Equality = Equality of Opportunity + Equality of Labor

Equality should be based on of ‘equality-of-opportunity’. Everyone should have access to the means to reach his potential. No one should be denied this fundamental right. But at the end of the day, everyone should be treated as per his achievements/capabilities. That’s the only way of going forward.

We all are just cogs in the giant wheel of this world and everyone has to play his part so that the wheel keeps moving on. In our day to day life we take many things for granted and forget our dependency on them. As someone has said, we only appreciate the value of things when they are gone.

From the doctor to the janitor, we are reliant on every member of the society, directly or indirectly. So, essentially all forms of labor are of equal importance and hence should be treated as equal.

In fact, it was on this very premise that the ancient caste system of India was envisaged (at least in theory). The Caste system was quite an interesting system in concept. It was an ancient form of division of labor. People were divided on the basis of their abilities (core-competence) and not by their birth. A person with strong build and physical abilities became a kshatriya (warrior), while someone with mercantile skills became a vaishya etc. This meant that even the son of a vaishya could have become a priest or vice versa (interestingly, thanks to the High-Court ruling, anyone can be a priest now). So this whole system was quite useful in concept where people were best utilized and resource utilization was optimal.

Of course, as it has happened throughout human history, once people have got power they have abused it ('rational' self-interest?...though morally indefensible), and therefore the caste-system was hijacked by the priestly class and distorted into a system which determined your social standing by birth, not by your competencies.

And so started the oppression, exploitation & the denial of opportunity to the ‘lower’ castes. People from differing castes were barred from marrying into other castes. The society became ethnically segregated.

In fact, I believe that this was the largest Eugenics program carried out in the human history!!

(Recently I was having a discussion with someone when he said something really profound….”Whatever happens, there will always be two classes, the haves & the have-nots”……think about it !!)

The Pandora’s Box

And now the latest stunt from the politicians has come in the form of Reservations. They want to correct the wrongs of thousands of years in one stroke (at least they claim so). I won’t delve into their political motives because it is all too obvious and much has already been said on this matter.

But by opening this Pandora’s Box, they have sparked a nationwide debate on the effectiveness of reservations. We have to ask how effective the reservations have been over the past 50 years.
If the aim of reservations was to bring the downtrodden parts of society into the mainstream, it has failed miserably. On the contrary, it has created a new class of people, a ‘creamy-layer’ within the non-creamy layer, a minuscule percentage of the backward classes which actually benefit from the reservations, for generations.

Hence, it is quite obvious that this ‘experiment’ did not achieve it purported goal.
What is most surprising and deplorable is the fact that there exists a hierarchy in the ‘backward’ castes too. They have created sub-classes and discriminate among themselves! So people who are demanding reservations as a way of social emancipation don’t believe in ‘equality’ themselves. It is quite sad that they are using it as a political tool.

The flaw seems to be more with our political system which encourages this kind of behavior. We elect our leaders. But are they worthy / righteous enough to lead us??
Once they are in power they make sure that they are there for eternity (‘rational’ self-interest again). So they start plotting evil schemes (like the present one) so that people bring them back in power.

It’s the same old policy of ‘Divide and Rule’, in a new disguise. We thought that we could drive out the enemy (the British) and rest in peace but what we forget is that the real enemy is within us.

The actual problem is that democracy has been quite a failure as a concept. What a pity that it is still the best system of governance known to man. It is the least of all evils.
The apparent irrationality of voters in choosing incompetent representatives tells us something very important about democracy: that the majority is not always right!

The Solution

So, what is the solution?
One thing is for sure that two wrongs don’t make a right. But there must be a way. There is always a way. Only thing is that we have to discover it. But the proposed solution is not the way forward for sure.

Einstein said that we cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it.
You cannot divide on the basis of caste to undo the discrimination on the basis of caste!

That’s the sad and the ironical part, these so called reservations will end up creating fissures/divisions in the society and lead to the very thing they are supposed to eradicate.

One way forward is to provide free education till the 10th standard to everyone. As a taxpayer, I am ready to take the burden. At least, it will make a far lesser dent in my pocket than reservations will do to the society. To make it a success, make the teachers accountable so that they turn up in schools and produce results.

I have always believed that economic upliftment is a necessary precursor to social upliftment. So, if the children of lower castes educate themselves, earn a decent living, they will eventually move up the social ladder. I have a firm belief that xenophobic attitudes will change.

We must provide every opportunity and incentives to the weaker sections of the society so that they come out of their socio-economic misery. Ultimately, it is in our (the so called upper classes) self-interest only. As game theory has shown us, that the best result comes when everyone in the group (society) does what’s best for himself and the group as a whole. That’s the real ‘rational self-interest’.

It’s time to redefine the rules. It’s time to change our mindsets. It’s time for a paradigm-shift!

saby said...

i love dis

beautiful post my dear annony mouse
though i dont agree wid all u say

saby said...

, , about reservations, ,
we have to provide a level playing field

the basis shud not be caste though
all merit worthy poor shud be financed by the state for higher education

Anonymous said...

don't try to copy people so you sound intelligent you rats ass
a cockroach has a bigger brain than you you lower caste piece
of shit

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

nobody is going to read your long
piece of bullshit you are one dumb
ass creep

saby said...

…., , ”Whatever happens, there will always be two classes, the haves & the have-nots”……

, ,

to each according to his need
there is enuff food and wealth for everybody's need

but not for his greed

- MK Gandhi

How much is enuff?
the solution is morality and religion

Muslims give a tithe (10%)to charity

Mother theresa says 'give till it hurts' as Christ said

the rich class
India has few philanthropists like Bill Gates

only exception is the TATA family
and they are Parsis, the refugees from Persia (IRAN)

Anonymous said...

have you accepted the fact
your mother gave gandi blowjobs

Anonymous said...

you don't worry about bill gates
you worry about whats going on in your own country if it wasn't for bill gates you bastards would really be up shit ungrateful turds you once gave gandhi a blow job after your mum died.

saby said...

, , the BIRLAS build lavish temples
the catlik church also

the youngest scion of the BIRLA family is parting on Page 3
, ,

same with Anil Ambani

saby said...

, , partying on Page 3, ,

and barking dogs are impotent
they seldom bite

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot i bet you don't understand what you're talking about you lower caste piece of crap

Anonymous said...

i saw a picture of your mum with her ass in the air on a porno site
before you get political straighten
out that hore mother of yours
oh that's an old picture before
gandhi cut her dumbass head off

Anonymous said...

you ought to know about barking dogs it's what you do to peoples sites yet you can't take it you dirty piece of shit

Anonymous said...

i bet as a kid you tried to scrub
that shit stain off your body
and it just wouldn't come off.
i'm not talking to the other people of color so don't link
yourself with them.i admire
black people they've gone through a lot and are a great people.
you indians are all about nothing.
you rat worshipping bastards
I could listen to motown all day
than to listen to that retarded
indian music did your mother
wear a dot on her head,i heard
the bigger the dot the bigger the hore

saby said...

i can take your shit
u son of a gand

gand is shit hole in Hindi
u ass hole

saby said...

dis turd probably lost his job in silicon valley to an Indian

he hates all indians now
he now works as a janitor at Heathrow

Anonymous said...

i've chewed you up and spit you out
you are the impotent one
pee wee saby,you writing a long piece of shit that no one will read
you are a delusional bastard.
i rest my case saby is a
BIG LOUSER!go do your job and
suck gandhi off he's waiting for

saby said...

, , More about Reservations, ,

Narayana Murthy of INFOSYS has been proactive

He has started a scheme to assist the deprived castes by training at Mysore

Anonymous said...

that comeback was something else
but it doesn't take away the fact your mother was a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

i suspect dis white dog has got rabies

he is foaming in the mouth
or is it jissm

did any of u guys got your cock sucked by the janiitor?

he does dis for side income

Anonymous said...

i suspect your mum was the biggest hore in the history of india
and she gave birth to the biggest bastard of india the beat goes on
for god sakes don't have kids

Anonymous said...

after gandhi gives it to you in the
ass he let's you go back to the computer.oops times up go suck off
do your job you lower caste bastard

saby said...

, , u son of a gand, ,

we Indians are a decent and funn loving people

we dont attack your moms
bcoz mom is a devi (goddess)

the reason she gave birth to u is your fucking alcoholic, wife beating, sex maniac dad

who cant even maintain an erection for 10 seconds

and if u call an Indian a madarchod (mudda fucker) in real

he will cut off your balls and feed it to your mouth

Anonymous said...

you little cock sucker you and your hore mother burn in hell
for eternity that bitch should
have never opened her legs to have you

saby said...

, , OK
i had enuff of dis turd. period.
, ,

Saby now goes to the wash room of the janitor and washes his mouth wid soap

and tips the janitor 1 dollar
he wanted to give me a blow job too

i said no tanks

Anonymous said...

indians aren't shit all you have
is gandhi that's it no great
indian stars in sports ,literary
scientist you people got nothing
you're just a waste of skin
and the british should still be there maybe you would have grown up
to be a better need
the white man to guide you you dumb bastards

saby said...

u turd
wats your Nationality ?

Anonymous said...

nevermind my nationality i'm just
glad i wasn't born a lower caste nit wit.

saby said...

, , Imagine
if there were no cuntry
no reason to kill for
no cuntry to die for
, ,

-said the greatest, John Lennon

heyyy u turd
cant we be friends?

i dont want to kil u
but if u continue wid dis

i will have to ask John to forgive me

saby said...

the janitor has no nationality
, ,

his passport is stamped TURD

i see it now
he was born in the toilet of an AIR INDIA flight when it was flying over the High Seas in no man's land

Anonymous said...

hell no we can't be friends
why would i want to be friends with a lower caste indian with
no self esteem and whose mother was one of indias greatest hores

Anonymous said...

you indians don't even have a healthy sense of humour
you're always quoting some other nationality other than you're own
cause like i said you people have nothing but gandhi and he's
probably a child molester

as a matter of fact you might be his bastard child

saby said...

pee wee

dat was mild

saby said...

, ,
no shit
dis post is good Karen
, ,
one annony mouse commented

please respond to his comment
i value your views Karen and all u other yanks, u r invited

go here

saby said...

we gonna have some funn now

saby said...

i want to crush dis turd in public

Anonymous said...

you're going to be a shit stain until you die and that's very
comforting to me besides the fact your mother was a hore and i spit
on her grave dot sari wearing bitch

saby said...


get the fuck out of my face u turd
u just committed the beegest crime

u r boring

i can take shit
but not boring shit

Anonymous said...

you couldn't crush me in a million years you lower caste flea ridden
ugly dog i spit on your whole family especially that hore of a mother of yours

saby said...

, , Bye guys
i gotta go to church
today is Sunday

i will call another white janitor to clean up the turd i squashed

is squashing a turd a sin Padre?
if so
i have sinned Padre

Dear God
next time i see a turd
i will just flush him down the toilet
, ,

Anonymous said...

look who's calling who a turd you're the one who is the color of a turd see there you go wanting to be someone other than you face it
your lot in life is to be a lower caste piece of shit which you have lived up to might i say

Anonymous said...

dis sure is a huge turd

flush again

Anonymous said...

you mean to tell me you dumb ass people flush the toilet i thought
you got it out and smeared it on your partner isn't that in the freaks

Anonymous said...

and again

Anonymous said...

and stop pretending you have a toilet you cave dwelling asshole

Anonymous said...

and yet again

Anonymous said...

, , not gone yet
u need a fire hose Saby
, ,

Anonymous said...

i'm out you can't battle a mindless asshole theres no challenge in this all the asshole can do is pretend to flush when
he knows he shits in a hole in the ground that's the way the lower caste live.

Anonymous said...

, ,FUCK !
u need to call Guvnor Arnie

better still make him your toilet man
, ,

starbender said...

Geee sab~
I C U'r REAL Popular Over here...


Anonymous said...

the bastard is as popular as

Anonymous said...

, , FUCK!
Guvnor Arnie cant handle the turd

he has the nuclear button
, ,

Anonymous said...

you indians try to be funny
but you're not i can't think of one funny indian comedian the
only thing funny about indians is that big ass dot on their forehead

lil _kath said...

...Umm off-topic though, just wanna thank you for droppin' by on my blog ^_^

..and i think u r weird too ;) a nice way?? :P

..whatever, i love Indians!! no matter what(have Indian blood) grandfa is an Indian.
so i'm not japanese yaar (just to clear u) :P

...enjoy weekend!


Anonymous said...

kath walk away step away from the sick bastard run do not walk and pray to god you never step into this
hell ever again. say a few hail marys rub buddahs belly kiss the popes ring just don't visit this site ever again you've been warned
you've gone down the wrong street
quick u-turn

cheesemeister said...

They have potato burgers at your McDonalds? I wonder if these are anything like potato pancakes or potato fritters. Possibly better for you than the hamburgers anyway.

cheesemeister said...

If in the U.S. this fool going on and on about "caste" would probably be a proud member of the KKK or the stupid neonazis.
Skin color means nothing, it's simply a genetic trait like hair or eye color. Only a moron thinks otherwise. Your behavior, not your appearance, is the only defining factor that matters. And this annoying annony mouse is as low as they come. I don't know why I'm bothering to fall into this troll's trap, except that I'd had enough of hearing his disgusting racist claptrap. He should go suck Varg Vikernes' (sociopath neonazi murderer) dick and have done with it.

Quz Boss said...

saby im not from India so calling me a pig asnt unsulting me.
And if u wanna see a old ass motherfucker: go here....

Anonymous said...

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