Friday, June 02, 2006

i am tired

i am tired
and i wanna go home

Home where the river runs cool
and the water tastes good

Life is old there
Older than the trees

Younger than the mountains
Growin like a breeze

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong

Take me home, country roads
All my memories gathered round her

Miners lady, stranger to blue water
Dark and dusty, painted on the sky

Misty taste of moonshine
Teardrops in my eye

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong

Heyyy Caraf
i need a break
get me a shack in the mountains

dont be silly
i dont wanna shack up with u

i just wanna feel the cool mountain breeze
city life stinks
be it sydney or mumbai

Look over yonder what do you see

The sun is a-risin' most definitely

A new day is comin' people are changin'

Ain't it beautiful crystal blue persuasion

Better get ready gonna see the lightLove, love is the answer and that's all right

So don't you give up now so easy to find

Just look to your soul and open your mind

Crystal blue persuasion, mm-hmm

It's a new vibration

Crystal blue persuasion, crystal Blue persuasion

Maybe tomorrow when He looks down

Every green field and every town

All of his children every nation

There'll be peace and good brotherhood

Crystal blue persuasion

Crystal blue persuasion.....

thanks Annie

dis is just wat the doc prescribed for me

i am sick of lecturing to silly teenagers

youth never lissens

i no i was one myself a long time ago

i aint going there no more

i tink i shud spent nore time wid u and my gen


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

They harvest slums for votes.

They take money to ask questions in the Lok Sabha.

They take money to get work done.

They are exposed on camera, but they walk back to power a week later.

They give a back door entry to companies who cannot get a licence for a particular sector.

They openly change the laws.

They challenge the constitution.

They want to buy televisions for a million people who will use their own cable network out of your tax money.

They tax your automative fuel 140%, the highest in the world.

They ensure that the public sector dies by allowing oil companies to bleed, by not allowing the government airlines to buy new aircraft for 20 years, and across all sectors .

They don't care if you die in those 25 year old aircrafts.

They don't even care if you are among the 75000 people who die using the railways every year.

They play caste politics.

They have one intention - to divide and rule.

They dissolve a state government election result overnight.

They will never repair the pothole you see for years, but they will break and make the same road 10 times a decade.

They will not even pay heed to the President's recommendations.

They now want to cripple the economy by playing more caste politics.

saby said...

, ,Rahul Mahajan serious; Pramod's secy Moitra dead , ,

New Delhi, June 2 (PTI) Pramod Mahajan's son, Rahul was in serious condition in the Apollo Hospital while the late BJP leader's Secretary Vivek Moitra died of suspected poisioning after a mysterious late night party in which "strangers" were believed to have been present.

Exactly a month after Mahajan's death, 26-year-old Rahul was in a serious but stable condition in the ICU on life support system with his vital parameters functioning normally.

"Whether the poisioning happened because of stale eatables or some poisonous substance was mixed with the food (they had) cannot be said at the moment," spokesman of the hospital Karan Thakur said.

Mahajan's long-time private secretary Moitra was brought dead at 3 AM to the hospital, the spokesman said.

Police sources said they recovered some "white powder" from Rahul's person. It has been sent for forensic examination.

Investigators are trying to find out the identity of the three people who were said to have visited Rahul and Moitra at the late Mahajan's official residence at 7 Safdarjung Road around 00.30 AM and had partaken champagne with them before leaving in about 45 minutes.

Police said that domestic servants Ganesh and Anil told them about the presence of the three people who they did not know. The three returned later only to leave again once the two were rushed to the hospital. PTI


Anonymous said...

what the hell rahul mahajan was doing?partying with chamagne..hardly been a month after his father's death.The news says he was going to go drop his fathers ashes the next day.Way to go dude!

michele said...

Ah you have a sensitive nature,
i'm glad the meds are working.

starbender said...

all cities stink!

Anonymous said...

saby you made a typoooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Vest u masochist
u enjoy getting whipped on the ass huh?

i tot it was truce btw us
why the fuck u hitting me again?

sorry Michele for the F-word
but FUCK is a beautiful word invented by u guys
one word dat can express love

fuck i love u bitch

u fucking shit
fuck off

oh fuck
i forgot yr birthday

oh fuck me charlie
vest loves me

1:42 PM

Anonymous said...

who is annie sabshit

let us know.....

so that v can visit her blog

and crap

saby said...

no way
i love annie

Anonymous said...

lol sabshit is skared

saby said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
saby said...

i bet dat was vest


michele is jealous of the growing love between us
she deleted yr comment and mine

no fears
u will find mine here

Anonymous said...

GUd Morning Saby :)

- Minnie Mouse ( is Back)

saby said...


u been gone too long hunny
i lost dat loving feelin (for u)
its gone, gone, gone now

i gott me some fast girls now, Karen

not michele
dont be silly

she is just a PP

saby said...

and dat dumb blonde u see in the video

saby said...

dat looks like Karen

saby said...

, , heyyyy guys
mouses and other guys

Michele is racist
and is saying tings about India

INDIAN PRIDE is at stake
go here

lets give her a 100 whacks on her white ass
, ,

saby said...

before she wakes up and calls the police

relax she sleeps like a baby

saby said...

go here

Anonymous said...

hi sabby I am tired and bored too

-Minnie Mouse

saby said...

Gosh Minnie

dat neck line is plunging too far down
Here quick take my shirt

and those shorts
i can see brown ass cheeks
here wear my pants quick

Oh shit
if Vest sees my bare ass .....

Anonymous said...

hehe sabby..if I have my clothes full,I will be stripped off of my minnie tag.sabbyy plss now will u give me my miniskirt and my black halter top back now?

-Minnie Mouse

P.S:Your butt looks like a slice of cheese!Too tempting for a wear for your own sake!

saby said...

No Minnie
u r a bad influence on the girls here

dress decent will ya?

if karen dresses the way u do
there is going to be a stampede here

her ass cheeks are golden brown
and her boobs

besides she is blue eyed and blonde and ....

she is on the video on my blogg recently installed

i dont mind annony mouses nibbling on my bum
in fact i get turned on

its Vest i am worried of

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
They harvest slums for votes.

They take money to ask questions in the Lok Sabha.

They take money to get work done.

, , Abhe chutiye
tu bhi minister bun
, ,

Anonymous said...

BJP says the Rahul Mahajan saga is a family matter and had it been related with Sonia Gandhi, these BJPs would have passed dirty and snide remarks about their family matters.

Anonymous said...


i commented in ur name

Anonymous said...

Saby @ 06:47 pm | Jun 3rd 2006

Why not Aamir spoke and not endorsed the Coke. With that reveal, sales dropped of softdrinks and cola companies had come out with ads that these products are "safe now". Why not Aamir has come out with statement? This nothing but cheap publicity to get attention for his films. I dont understand that when people says he is one the best actor in Bollywood. He is B grade actor who makes copy of hollywood films or his own old films. Where is "creativity" & "talent" Khan? He spoke on Vadodara violence, fair enough. What's happening in UP (His own state), Town after town is burning and it's targeted against majority community, is Khan has closed his ears and eyes? Is not hypocrisy?

email | website

Saby @ 06:47 pm | Jun 3rd 2006

What happened those Kerala villagers, whose water has been spoiled by Coke for years and Aamir Khan is ambassador. Did he not read news? It went to American Universities, still Khan didnt have time & courage 2 speak. Let's forget abt it for sometime. What happened when our scientists and parliamentary committee has revealed that Coke and Pepsi are injurious 2 health and danger 2 environment. Why did not he stopped endorsing Coke, after all it's a big news item in India and even LKG student knows it

email | website

Anonymous said...

ur comments are hawt mousey above

Anonymous said...

hahaaa tanks

Anonymous said...


Caraf said...

"i just wanna feel the cool mountain breeze
city life stinks
be it sydney or mumbai"


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