Saturday, June 03, 2006

a sensible gurl, a better man, sue the bugger, and God's love, and Michele- see and hear the VIDEO and HEROIN

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than Viva Forever

The First issued Blogger Achievement Award is presented to:
“Saby Creep”
In recognition of your continued commitment to excellence in blogging.
A blogger since Dec 04, Saby Creep is currently the author and creator of thirty-eight amazing and diverse blogs.
Saby is a completely insane writer (like the rest of us!) whose post are intelligent, humorous, compassionate and extremely thought provoking.
“You remain the twinkle in this Irish girl’s eye!”
Award Presented by:
Kerry Adams
The Writer’s Journal
January, 20th 2006

the pic on top is my ex-

i left her for a younger doll and she is mad as hell


Vest said...

Kerry Adams. 'the writers journal'
What a load of horse shit. No irish person is that stupid t,this saby is the biggest poisonous creep since Adolf frigging Hitler and should be destroyed like a rabid dog, whet a wanker you are.

saby said...

, , I am honored your Excellency, ,

the much *decorated Admiral of the Royal Navy has condescended to visit the native

he has so many medals on his puny chest dat he is bowed down with the weight of his coat

and his ass sticks out to counter balance the weight of the medals

*much decorated
which speaks poorly of the men in the Royal Navy serving the Queen

most nations are ruled by Kings
dat explains it all

if u want to why i laff at the silly Brirtishers go to MAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMAN one of my many wonderfull bloggs

Kerry laffed her lovely ass off
when she read

and promptly gave me the award above

Anonymous said...

care to share the prize money with da mouses?

Anonymous said...

kiss my ass

Anonymous said...

its laden with shyt

Anonymous said...

eat it

Anonymous said...

kya paka raha hai saby

saaale tera site se bataar aur koi site nahi hai LOL

Anonymous said...

Dost tum mere liye kucch karna hoga
ye angezi admiral (Vest) ke gand me mirchi dal de

uske site mein ja kar
sala angrezi kutta

Anonymous said...

all annony mouses unite
the Britishers are attacking Bharat Mata

land upar karke sale Vest ke gora gand mein gussa do

Caraf said...


And oh my the language here is kickin@

Anonymous said...

vestkuttiyas tums n tums:):):)

Puteh binte annam-Johore bahru said...

All indian men aresuck cock and eat pig meat- I will be in karachi to catch plane to india stey ten days i hope to have you I hav bigger bang to die an yersef to

SABY...USA said...

This is your first and last warning. stop spamming people and using my name on you filthy degrading pornographic site. I have resourses to see that you are removed.

saby said...

u sonovabitch
u stole my name

i have resources to cut yr prick
u dirty yanker yankee dogdog

Anonymous said...

vest is a pest with no zest
he just a loooooosa
and he got no boobs, no butt cheeks, no dick, no nuffin
he U-G-L-Y

Anonymous said...

tums n tums :)

Anonymous said...


Caraf said...

I'm cheering for Saby.

who is this saby usa?

Anonymous said...


starbender said...

Geeze Sab,
Have U been sued
4 bloggin yet???

Luv'd the line---
'The repressed sexuality of Indians finds an outlet on the blogs'

Anonymous said...

saby new post plz:(

saby said...

i love to hate Karen
fellow indians perhaps we must target Karen too


saby said...

heyyyy anony nouse
dis is a continuing post

i cant churn out a new post every second day
like dat girl from sydney

i work u no

Anonymous said...

tums n tums :) :) :)
lemme no will yaaa if you likeded ur eggs wid jam
heee heee

Anonymous said...

give us karen's blog URL
mouses vil pay her a visit

marilyn said...

Vest is all meat and muscle,185 lbs, is 6ft 2 and a IQ of 142, and the size of his weapon sends ladies to heaven.
Saby is tiny small and like a baby.
IQ Nil and suffers from rabies

saby usa said...


Anonymous said...

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