Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Annony mouse, the creep

..Never ever fart in a wet suit
- Starbender.

"A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions." Anonymous

"The world has teeth and can bite you when it wants to." Stephen King

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Yuh can't suck cane and blow whistle.

One good turn deserves another
Saying is one thing; doing another

Like music to my ears
One good turn deserves half the blankets

A lie well stuck to is as good as the truth.
Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself

The female of the species is more deadly than the male
God is alive and well and working on something less ambitious

A man in love is a fool, and an old man in love is the greatest fool of all.

Man cannot live on bread alone
The higher you climb up the ladder, the more people can see your arse
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground

Charity covers a multitude of sins
Take a hair of the dog that bit you

After a storm comes a calm.
Kill not the goose that lays the golden egg

An idle mind is.. the best way to relax.
The King can make a knight, but not a gentleman

Never speak ill of the dead
If the wind will not serve, take to the oars

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

Contributed by Charon Muck, 26 Jan 2000


Anonymous said...

why you always have to steal from
people you lower caste have tiny brains that's why

get an original thought why
don't you

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry it was a false report
the bitch is still around we had
high hopes for a second lets
not forget that.

Anonymous said...

it's another indian sunrise
it comes as no surprise
saby a loser
a blog abuser

oh but he never was the same
after he ate his mums thing

he went nuts
his life was fucked

Anonymous said...

every day is a winding road
you get a little bit toastier
you lower caste shit stain
you get a little bit toastier
and then you die

Anonymous said...

all alone at the end of the evening
and sabys balls are navy blue
he was dreaming of a blonde
he'll never screw

you know he's always been a shit stain
living a lower caste life
he knows there's no hope
of finding a decent wife

so put him on a highway
show him a sign
and kick his shit stain
dumbass 50 times

Anonymous said...

here comes old saby
his blog sucks
he daily fucks himself
he has prostate cancer
and ready to die
still he masterbates
until he starts to cry

what a nut what a nut
oh the humanity!

Miranda said...


Anonymous said...

Breaking news: there has been
a smelly body discovered
on curry street>yes they like it
that much>no i.d. as of yet
they have comfirmed the body
had a vibrator stuck up his ass
and bled to death
his last words was i can't die
i have to terrorize bloggers
this leads me to believe that
saby is dead.AMEN

Anonymous said...

let's all say a prayer for saby

may you burn in hell for all
eternity,may the devil use you
as his personal bitch

you were a waste of skin
while here on earth

may the devil bust you in your
ass everynight

i heard he's hung
hurt's so good huh saby
the shit stain

Anonymous said...

on ignore

Anonymous said...

don't tell me he survived,
damn shit stains have 9 lives

Anonymous said...

damn i had a song to sing
at the rats funeral

i'll share it with you i still
anticipate the bastard being
hit by a bus.

acid rain acid rain
acid rain acid rain
i only want to see you
melting in the acid rain

i know you couldn't help
being born a lower caste

but it's not the worlds problem
cause your mama had no taste

blame her and not the world
for your problems you boy/girl

acid rain acid rain
acid rain acid rain
i only want to see you melting
in the acid rain

Anonymous said...

you dumb little shithead
i'll run circles around you
did i forget to mention
your mothers a hore
you are a bore
reading your blog is a chore
gandhi is folklore

how long does it take to put
a meaningless dot on your head?

a second>got a red marker

boy you people are a piece of work

saby said...


yeh sala chutiya kab se gor har rahan hain

is ki to ...

saby said...

arre bhaji pao

main to ladki guma raha tha
teri gand mein mirchi guus gayee

to main kya karu?

Anonymous said...

screwing a foreiner chick is easy
dress upar kar do

aur tok do
no unwinding of 14 yards wanted

Anonymous said...

you tiny brain little fuck ups

Anonymous said...

what a loser you talking
in tongues you cave dweller
are you casting a spell

well listen you little fart
oh ye people of the mighty magic marker the dot thing

oh ye people that don't know what deodorant is>you smell like 10
day old chicken curry

oh ye people that kiss the worlds
ass for hand outs

we ought to let you dry up and die

saby said...

LN Mittal

u done India ptoud

saby said...

No idea is so antiquated that it was not once modern. No idea is so modern that it will not someday be antiquated.
-Ellen Glasgow
Quote WorldFamous Quotes at

Anonymous said...

hehe vest is still here!
saala sailor lost his pretty little sailor suit
now he wears barbie's clothes

Anonymous said...