Saturday, April 30, 2005

Run Forrest run ....

dis is me ..

Forrest was not a bright kid
by some quirk of fate
he becomes a billionaire

he has now far too much money than he can handle
so he gifts it away

now, he is running once again on the highways of america
alone, but not for very long

one guy running wid him says
'hey Forrest, wat rv running for?
world peace? fite against hunger and disease?

Forrest looks at him kinda queer and says
Nothing! i am just running


angel-A said...

hi saby,

i didn't close my quiet retreat for you, i just closed it, it is a retreat, i wanted it to be my quiet retreat

if you read my last comment to m-me x - you read "i love you ALL" - all including saby

Fools rush in where angels fear to read ? - absolutely true, you got it right, i got it too, thank you.


themadamefiles said...

Saby, I wish my life were that simple. Everything is falling to peices for me...
I think I might just shut down madame x - there are so many things I want to say, but I cant anymore, too many people who I know know about me and I cant be true there anymore-I am hurting, but I can't express it, for fear that certian people will judge me.

I wish life were so simple - I would do anything to be like forest gump right now...

saby said...

i dunno abt u
but for me i have only one judge a just judge a wise judge who doesnt judge me by my actions or words

the rest who judge dont matter
in fact most of wat i say or do is for shock value

very few no me, the real me

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