Thursday, April 28, 2005

Viva forever...

Viva forever...: "My dear blog mates,
I have been receiving too much spam and silly comments from funny guys out here.
Apart from making my life miserable, u guys have given me lotsa laffs.
Certain mice have also started using my ID to leave unpleasant comments in my friends' blogs. If you had the least bit of suspicion it's me then you don't know me even after blogging together for so long. But yeah who's trustworthy over the net? No one right. Except me. (and dat is supposed to be a joke)

But we have a problem guys. A certain austrayalayan friend of mine has taken dis badly. She has disabled comments for now.
Happy blogging to all of you and please take care.
All u guys who normally post on the austrayalayan blogg are welcome to post here.



Anonymous said...

sure saby

saby u the dude

keshi said...

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Keshi said...

Saby for goddssake could have some respect for someone's wishes for a change, without making a mockery out of it?

That's whow I feel like now and that's how I will remain until I decide to do otherwise. So please don't make fun of my feelings. No I havent taken it badly because if I have why would I still continue to comment in other people's blogs?? I just need a break from my own blog besides blogging is not what I do 24/7 is it. So please give me a break.


Keshi said...

And that dumb comment of 9:00am as Keshi is NOT ME!


Keshi said...

And yes u can keep that comment...becos who cares what this jerk does...loll all he needs is complete ignoring. He'll get tired soon.


sebia said...

blushes @ enlargement

Anonymous said...

keshi can't u blog without expecting comments?

anony mouse

Anonymous said...

heyyyyy guys (i mean men and mice)

dis calls for a celebration
the Queen of SEBIA visited me today for the first time

NO! she declined to kiss
i only gott to kiss her finger tips and she was wearing gloves

but i certainly was aroused


Jay said...


Why you like to pick on her, saby?

saby said...

Why does God let bad things happen? ......
a message for all u cry babies out there


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