Tuesday, April 19, 2005

YES ! .. the smoke is white ....

We have a new Pope , He is Rat

'and my anony mouse friends cheer'

'gay guys cry, He is conservative in CAPS'

'this pope is controversial he said there is no truth out there but only with in us i saw him hes soft i like him hes sweet hes gt a cute face they werent rigged hes was right hand man to other pope hes 78 and he was going to retire at 75 saw it all on television'
-dis wooman was all raptures


Keshi said...

Saby would u stop whining over the new Pope...he will take care of what's given to him...ur so not a Pope nor anywhere near one...lol...so stop whinging!


Gome said...

hey saby! glad u like da pope, his pic is no my blog now check him out!

Pithaly said...

Did St. Malachi's Prophecy
Score Again With New Pope?

With the election of the new Pope...has anyone drawn your attention to the Prophecies of St. Malachi?

St. Malachi, the 12th century Irish bishop, who in a vision saw the names of all of the Popes from his own day until the end of the Catholic Church. Exactly 112 of them. Some of his "names" have been intriguingly accurate. See the page http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/1351430/posts for some examples.

According to Malachi, Pope John Paul II was the second-from-last Pope. The newly-elected Pope Benedict XVI is the next to last; the Pope following him will be the final Pope, who will oversee the destruction of the Church.

For the current Pope, Malachi saw the name "Gloria Olivae" -- the Glory of the Olive -- and predicted that he would be a member of the BENEDICTINE order.

Is the new Pope Benedict a Benedictine? Or does Malachi score points just for getting the "Benedict" part right?

Interestingly enough, Gloria Olivae is supposedly the one known in John's Revelations as "the great deceiver". The one who prepares the way for the Antichrist, the final destroyer of the Church. The Antichrist, per Malichi, is the next Pope, who like the first will be named Peter.

Malachy's Prophecies - The Last 10 Popes

1. The Burning Fire. PIUS X. 1903-1914. This Pope showed a burning passion for spiritual renewal in the Church.

2. Religion Laid Waste. BENEDICT XV. 1914-1922. During this Pope's reign saw Communism move into Russia where religious life was laid waste, and World War I with the death of millions of Christians who were carnage in Flanders Field and elsewhere.

3. Unshaken Faith. PIUS XI. 1922-1939. This Pope faced tremendous pressure from fascist and sinister powers in Germany and Italy, but he was an outspoken critic of Communism and Fascism which enraged Hitler.

4. An Angelic Shepherd. PIUS XII. 1939-1958. This Pope had an affinity for the spiritual world and received visions which have not been made public. Peter Bander says Pius XII "has emerged as one of the great Popes of all time," and he "was in the truest sense of the word an Angelic Pastor to the flock..."

5. Pastor and Mariner. JOHN XXIII. 1958-1963. John was a pastor to the world, much beloved, and the Patriarch of Venice. The connection to "mariner" is thus remarkable.

6. Flower of Flowers. PAUL VI. 1963-1978. Paul's coat-of-arms depicts three fleurs-de-lis, corresponding to Malachay's prophecy. His coat of arms included three fleurs-de-lis (iris blossoms).

7. Of the Half Moon. JOHN PAUL I. 1978-1978. John Paul I was elected Pope on August 26, 1978, when there was a half moon. He reigned 33 days, that is, about one month, when he died, although many think he was murdered. He was the 109th Pope - is "De Medietate Lunae" (Of the Half Moon). The corresponding pope was John Paul I (1978-78), who was born in the diocese of Belluno (beautiful moon) and was baptized Albino Luciani (white light). He became pope on August 26, 1978, when the moon appeared exactly half full. It was in its waning phase. He died the following month, soon after an eclipse of the moon.

8. The Labor of the Son. JOHN PAUL II. 1978-Present. John Paul II is the most travelled Pope in history. He has circled the globe numerous times, preaching to huge audiences everywhere he goes. Even though he was once shot, he has not seemed to slow down. He has recently written a book which has enjoyed a large circulation. Like the sun which never ceases to labor and provides light daily, this Pope has been incessant. John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920. On that date in the morning there was a near total eclipse of the sun over Europe. TProphecy - The 110th Pope is "De Labore Solis" (Of the Solar Eclipse, or, From the Toil of the Sun). The corresponding pope is John Paul II (1978-present). John Paul II was born on May 8, 1920 during an eclipse of the sun. Like the sun he came out of the East (Poland). Like the sun he has visited countries all around the globe while doing his work (he is the most-traveled pope in history).

9. The Glory of the Olive. The Order of St. Benedict has said this Pope will come from their order. It is interesting that Jesus gave his apocalyptic prophecy about the end of time from the Mount of Olives. This Pope will reign during the beginning of the tribulation Jesus spoke of. The 111th prophesy is "Gloria Olivae" (The Glory of the Olive). The Order of Saint Benedict has claimed that this pope will come from their ranks. Saint Benedict himself prophesied that before the end of the world his Order, known also as the Olivetans, will triumphantly lead the Catholic Church in its fight against evil.

10. PETER THE ROMAN - This final Pope will likely be Satan, taking the form of a man named Peter who will gain a worldwide allegiance and adoration. He will be the final antichrist which prophecy students have long foretold. If it were possible, even the very elect would be deceived. The 112th prophesy states: "In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End."

Malachy's final words:

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Peter the Roman, who will feed his flock among many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city (Rome, the seat of the Vatican) will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people.

Pithaly said...

A well-informed author on the topic of the Vatican, is reportedly coming out with a well put together book, showing that the late Pope John Paul 2nd worked for the Nazi Gestapo in Poland during World War Two. He rounded up Polish Resistance Fighters and turned them over to the Nazis who had them shot, so the book contends. Some. however, survived.

Questions remain, of course. WHY did the author wait so long to come out with this book? Some belatedly contend that secretive German funds(possibly post-war surviving Nazis?) arranged for and financed the clandestine Conclave that installed Wojtyla as Pope John Paul 2nd. Remember: the Anglo -American Aristocracy financed the rise of Adolf Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets.

Enforcers for the Vatican are called Jesuits. The head of the Jesuits, although he is NOT a person of color, is nevertheless called the BLACK POPE. Over the centuries, Jesuits, hiding behind royal court types with Jewish names, called hofjuden, sought to control if not topple various European monarchs, most of them Catholics.

So by Royal Order, Jesuits were banished from Spain, France, and a few other places. Hiding behind others, the Jesuits actually went underground, continuing to plot to control Monarchs. In America, the Jesuits have Hollywood hofjuden as a front. Hollywood angers Christians by not showing films about non-Jewish holocausts.

Jesuits also hide behind aristocracy fronts, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, CFR.

In his Inauguration speech in 1841, President William Henry Harrison directly angered the Jesuits. He dared confront the Jesuits and then Pope, by proclaiming:

"We admit of no government BY DIVINE RIGHT, believing that so far as power is concerned, the beneficent Creator has made no distinction among men; that all are on an equality, and that the only legitimate right to govern, is upon the expressed grant of power from the governed."
(Emphasis added.)

Thirty-five days later, for the benefit if not actually aranged by the Jesuits and the British Monarchy, President Harrison was posioned to death.

All told, SEVEN U.S. PRESIDENTS were assassinated from 1841 to 1963, as orchestrated if not actually arranged by the Jesuits and the British Monarchy. four by gunfire, three by poisoning.
[Visit www.skolnicksreport.com and links on Home Page there, to extensive series, "Overthrow of the American Republic".]

Seldom more publicly mentioned, is that over the last two centuries and more, various Jesuits and Popes have labeled the Declaration of Independence as "wickedness", and that Popular Government, provided by the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights is a "satanic instrument".

Are we Americans heading for Nazi doctrines if not actually here already? It is documented beyond dispute, that Prescott S. Bush, Sr., father of George Herbert Walker Bush, and grandfather of George W. Bush, had instrumentally financed the rise of Adolf Hitler.The term Homeland Security is an anglocized version of the abbreviated German term Gestapo.

Adolf Hitler, 1933,, and George W. Bush, 2000, and repeated in 2004, were installed in the highest office of their nation by arbitrary and corrupt powers.

[To understand the role of the corrupted gang of five U.S. Supreme Courrt Justices who installed Bush, December, 2000, in Bush versus Gore, as the occupant and resident of the White House, study the website series, "Coca-Cola, CIA, and the Courts", www.skolnicksreport.com ]

The new Monarch in the Vatican, Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict 16th, was immediately whitewashed by the liars and whores of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press. They described his past as his father was so Anti-Nazi that he had to move to another town. Actually, Joseph Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth and his family were apparently pro-Nazi.

Over the many years, Germany repeatedly attacked France. So French Catholics are appalled, if not angered, that Joseph Ratzinger is the first German Pope in over one thousand years.

Before the 1960 Election, John F. Kennedy spoke in Texas to a group of Protestant preachers. He said he is only nominally Catholic and that if elected, he will not bow down for the Vatican. Right there,such a bold statement was JFK's Death Warrant. In 1961, shortly after being Inaugurated, President Kennedy reluctantly went along with a plan left over from the Eisenhower Administration, to attempt to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. The Cuban strongman, Fidel Castro, was and is a Jesuit, hiding behind a left-wing label. Castro never disbanded the Catholic Church in Cuba. Under Vatican Canon Law, a Catholic leader of a nation, like JfK, that attacks another Catholic leader and nation, is subject to a Death Warrant.

What Catholic countries want a pro-Nazi Pope? South America has many such. Included is heavily Catholic Argentina. Toward the end of World War 2, various Nazi war criminals, using Vatican-supplied passports and disguises, escaped down the "Ratlines" to Arentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and elsewhere in South America. German submarines loaded with Nazi gold also arrived in South America. So the children and grand-children of esaped Nazis, with their fortunes, dominate the Catholic Church throughout South America. Pope John Paul 2nd was viciously against so-called liberation theology of some South American and Central American archbishops.who sought to cater to the "shirtless ones". Such Catholic Church leaders were rooted out, in some instances, assasssinated, apparently on the dictates of Pope John Paul 2nd, ostensibly through his enforcer, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Pithaly said...

It’s believed by billions of Catholics around the world that the Pope is humanity’s connection to me, the Almighty Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, they are wrong. One does not need to speak through a wrinkly old man in a funny hat contact their God. Despite this, Popes still have more power than any other religious leader in the world, so naturally it’s an important position. This has led many people to e-mail me asking who the next Pope should be.

First, we should get some things out of the way, such as who the next Pope should not be. He should not be a Nazi sympathizer - thanks to Pope Pius for that valuable lesson. He should not be a convicted child molester, which rules out Cardinal Bernard Law. The next Pope should probably be able to walk and talk, something Johnny Paul often struggled with. Finally, he should not be Jewish, female, and/or homosexual, as this probably wouldn’t be good for Public Relations.

As the 115 Catholic Cardinals shuffle, crawl, roll, teleport, and levitate into the Sistine Chapel to choose John Paul’s successor, many possible candidates are up for the Papal Office. Rumors are abound that the next Pope could be Asian. This begs the question: Will Communion Wafers be switched to Communion Fortune Cookies? I actually think it’s a good idea. First of all, the wafers taste like styrofoam, not the body of Christ; fortune cookies, on the other hand, bear an uncanny resemblance to the Messiah. Furthermore, the little slips of paper inside the cookies could contain handy Bible verses. On a more racist note, would an Asian Pope still be the Holy See? I digress.

Personally, I’m endorsing Cardinal Silvestri, of whom the London Times said, “vigorously promoted the progressive agenda: collegiality, or Church democracy, ecumenism, global poverty, dialogue with Islam and a more open debate on celibacy and the role of women.” Unfortunately, Arch-Conservative Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is the most likely to be elected. When he was young he was a member of Hitler’s Youth in Nazi Germany.

We’ll have more coverage of the Papal Horse Race throughout the Conclave. If you have any questions you need answered my e-mail is Jesus@imnutsincaps.com.

Yours Divinely,
Jesus Christ

Keshi said...

LOL! Fuck off Saby.


Kezza said...

lmao at keshi!!!!

Keshi said...

Mel that wasnt me asking Saby to F### Off...if you click on the link Keshi it's pointing to my blog - that can be done by anyone. Someone's using my nic to put up filthy comments. WHOEVER IT IS WOULD YOU STOP IT PLZ? THANK YOU!


Keshi said...

Do one thing Mel...if you right-click on your link Melancholy_Girl in ur comment above you will see the URL as www://blogger..... etc. My real one too shows that. But if you right_click on the comment by the loser above using my name, you will see the URL as www.keshigirl...etc. So someone has deliberately set the URL of that comment to my nic - some jerk. Most probably it's Saby but do I care? Saby I would suggest u delete that comment that used my name to swear at ya...if not dun expect me to be ur friend anymore. Thought I have forgiven u far too many times now!


saby said...

heyyy Kesh,
wasnt me
uno i am too decent a guy to do a ting like dat

besides i am not too smart to figure out how to do dis

but guess u have yr doubts about me decency

some time back it happened too when somebody posted a story wid the character keshi_girl in it

and u hanged me wid out a trial

and if u continue doing dis
i want talk to u for a the whole of today and tommmorow

at least i will try not to

Keshi said...

if it's not u Saby then it's not u...I'm sorry but I didnt convict u as yet :)


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