Tuesday, April 12, 2005


from: GOD

all u guys tink
i dont exist

HA ! ... uno wat ?
i dont give a damn

but for God's sake ... err, i mean for my sake
stop glorifying despair, doom, death, demons, devils, and

the next time
if there is a next time
vote Kerry


Anonymous said...

I had rather live my life like there is a GOD..die..and find out there isn't...Than live my life like there is no GOD...die and find out there "IS"!

-Opie Outlaw

Keshi said...

Saby it's ok that devile and ash wants to write about despair and death...arent they part of all of us just like happiness and life? Sometimes we can get carried away with our body as an existence and we may forget that we really have something called death awaiting all of us..so let them talk whatever they prefer...after all blogs are about your thoughts...it's a way of conveying messages from your mind to the whole world...it's good to see what other people say about what you think...that way devile and ash may even find answers to their questions rather than bottling it all up...I must say that I'm quite enlightened by knowing you all blog mates - huggz!


Ashes said...

too bad Saby.You are making de.vile and I appear as fallen love-angels.We can do without as much notority/publicity from you.

And to God..~~If i have one wish i'd ask for a big enough ass for the whole world to kiss~~

Anonymous said...

dis Ash always makes an ass of himself