Sunday, April 10, 2005

GREAT QUOTES by not so great guys ....


He/she quoted Descartes 'i think therefore i am'
and put in 'how do u explain Bush's existence?'

hit upon DHLAK when he/she threatened Kitten wid:
'Good links but why dont you have a link to us? Are you a racist or do you just think we are not cool enough or maybe you eat to many figs or perhaps your sofa is brown and
the momment of gull ramp tofu bland easy as cake (or pie) and tell me. NOW!'

dat did the trick
DHLAK got linked real fast


Anonymous said...

Maybe your kids will enjoy your big porn collection but the rest of us dont care.

Anonymous said...

..... speak for your self man
my post attracts mainly bcoz of porn pics and porn tots


Anonymous said...

Fuck off Saby.

Keshi said...

thats a dumb quote by a dumb and anonymous and not-so-great guy - lol!