Thursday, April 07, 2005

i got dis from post secret, it cud have been me ...
dat was a year ago

all dat i done so far
is manage to catch the eye of the austraylayan and some nri gujju's
who are hott but wont admit it ....

u see indian guys still want a blushing bride
meaning a virgin ...
and i heard the mangy sisters complain about dis


Keshi said...

woohoo so u consider Kesh some achievement in ur life - I feel na na na na...I feel good!

Well I think u have achieved more than what u think u have...ur special in ur own way even tho I hate u sometimes - but I hate u for ur bloody bluntness but then again being blunt is good...anyways what ur gonna achieve by 55?


Kitten said... are welcome to comment as long as you keep it clean....and you have left nasty remarks on blogs (Cowgirl Mara deleted your comments and then ranted about them!) be nice!

I welcome all opinions and sometimes you have a decent one...but sometimes you are the whole Pope thing. Sheesh.

So please dont go away...we wud miss you . ;)

Pithaly said...

The Swiss banks effectively telling the media appointed British government,
the EU and literally every other government in the world unless you do as we
tell you….
Ex-PM Thatcher regularly receiving ex-murderer/arms-dealing Pinochet for tea
and biscuits in…
Swiss Carla Ponte prosecuting ex-banker Milosevitch while the Swiss banks
finance their rackets with his stolen loot.
Update: Swiss banks have for decades abused the ignorance of courts and
During the last 100 years everybody has paid with their blood, sweat and
their lives, their health, their emotions, their savings, their assets,
their culture, their quality of life and foremost the planet has paid dearly
for the savage destruction that the exponentially expanding global Swiss
bank laundered money/debt supply imposes:
only the Swiss banks have profited ruthlessly and continue to profit
aggressively from it all
unceasingly, unrelentingly and unscrupulously.
Why is the Commission for global Governance headquartered in
Corrupt/moneylaundering Geneva?
Update: UBS runs, controls and manipulates Brazilian economy via
The Brazilian Development Bank; what was Peru PM Fujimori doing at UBS
Warburgs’ London offices and why is he now on the run….?
NYSE just a bunch of Zuerich lackeys who dare not even give a single email
What is EU President Romano Prodi’s Zuerich “Investment” connection?
Update: Enron oil/gas, Fiat, Dunhill, Dassault, 007, Ikea shit etc.
Update: why would the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States license
such racketeers?
Update: is it because too many politicians/bureaucrats hide their brown
envelopes in Zuerich? Why is self-appointed European Union International
Policy Chief….
Update: it’s time the honest part of the world refuses to sustain the Swiss
Update: the media must now make good and investigate and expose the
crimes….repay the stolen money to the rightful owners from whom the Swiss
banks stole it in the first place
Update: Swiss bank originated/approved….private banking most profitable
extortion racket
Update: perfecting the Art of Transfer-pricing
update: hospitals; they sure need a bleeding.....
update: Swiss universities are just bank subsidiaries where....
update: restore a global financial system based on honesty instead of debt
and theft

The global planet destruction/wastelaying, soil erosion, desertification,
primary forest annihilation, pollution, acid rain, global warming, ozone
layer depletion and ozone overproliferation, systemic contamination of the
air, water and soil with chemicals, automated mass-production, overcrowding,
traffic jams and road accidents from more than onethousandmillion motor
vehicles increasing at an annual rate of more than 75million that kill and
maim more humans
than the 2nd World War on an year by year basis
is based on oil.
In less than onehundred years the totally out of control, debt-financed,
oil-based global economy has done more harm and damage to the planet's
eco-system than the previous 60million years.
That's why the Swiss banks control the world's oil/gas supplies: they are
the world's largest oil traders; they own the Marc Rich Corp. and Enron
Corp. The Swiss banks bankrupted Enron through massive mutually coordinated
counter-trades in the derivatives market so UBS
- one of the chief global crime syndicates -
could take them over for nothing.
The Swiss banks have for decades abused the ignorance of courts, judges and
law enforcement agencies via their corrupt multinational legal/financial
protection rackets.

UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) invented derivatives;
ostensibly to protect their clients from the ravages of the market
manipulators/boiler-room crooks. Instead UBS have used derivatives as
sophisticated, impenetrable, cut-throat instruments of theft.
Ordinary shareholders, investors, pensioners, savers are entrapped hostages
to the pre-calculated global market manipulations that the Swiss bank
Zuerich Treasury Insiders/racketeers impose ruthlessly and relentlessly to
line their already overbloated pockets.
What is EU President Romani Prodi’s Zuerich “Investment” connection?
The corrupt/conniving media would never expose these rackets.

UBS is the world's largest daily

Nobody knows how they cook them in their Zuerich Treasury/moneylaundry but
they sure trade them - even uncooked - from one kitchen to another.
(aka internal warehouse trading to fix books/records&profits).

The Swiss banks control the world's money supply; because they are the
world's largest creditors and debt traders; of course they only lend the
stolen money to OECD nations and globalised corporations that are under
their full control. Via the Bank for International Settlements they
determine the value of all global currencies;
all of which have been devalued by more than 1000% since 1939 against the
Swiss franc making the Swiss the richest people in the world.
That’s why the world’s “feudal/criminal elite” keep their money in Swiss
francs in Zuerich. The UN, WTO, Red Cross, WEF etc. in Geneva offering a
convenient pretext for laundry visits by all and sundry.
Why would the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States license such
Who else is aiding and abetting?

Of course the Swiss banks are also the worlds largest gold, silver, platinum
and diamond traders/insiders. DeBeers and all the worlds gold mines are now
also conveniently registered as Zuerich transfer-pricing letterbox

Who will they bankrupt next?
Remember Swissair! (Of course Swissair was only bankrupted to avoid the
claims from its fatal crash and after the Swiss banks stripped the assets;
now handed to the other crash airline “crossair”.
Normally they only bankrupt banks or companies like Enron, Barings, AIB,
Warburg, Paine Webber, Dillon Read etc to take them over or to get rid of

For centuries hierarchical Feudalism was based on land and the serfs were
raped/enslaved through bondage. Now hierarchical Feudalism is based on
derivatives/transfer-pricing whereby the biggest trader/insider/thief
rapes/enslaves the entire world economy in a global financial pyramid scam.

The Swiss banks control the world's food supply: because they are the
world's largest food traders; they own Nestle which owns Cargill and
thousands of subsidiary cartel corporations including all the world's major
food wholesale/retail giants/chains. Price fixing is facilitated through a
web of letterbox companies in Zug in Switzerland.

The Swiss banks are the world's biggest traders in tea, coffee, sugar,
tobacco, milk etc. If the Swiss dont grow/own it: they make billions of US
dollars trading it. All commodities in particular food are bought and sold
in long and short positions thousands of times before they're even sown,
harvested and shipped.

The Swiss banks stop at nothing because they cant. Syphoning
off/stealing/enticing/defrauding/laundering billions of US dollars daily
from savers, pensioners and markets they must keep these massive sums in
circulation thereby creating ever more dependency and enslavement as the
multinationals wipe out everything
- from cornershops to artisans - that's not
mass-oriented and chain-owned where sly, ignorant, arrogant, underpaid
robots treat anonymous clients/customers like conveyor belt dirt as part of
the urban way of life where dog eats dog.
The UNDP which is controlled by UNCTAD which is controlled by the
multinationals which are controlled by the Swiss banks has been forced to
introduce the deceptive PPP ("real" GDP per capita) for the poor of the
world. PPP purports to show that their purchasing power is much higher than
the USdollar based GDP. This is a criminal deception to imply that the poor
are doing better than they are. In fact as the Swiss bank owned
multinationals control the global supply markets there is staggering
inflation in all Third World nations and the poor are getting poorer.

The world's Art and Real Estate market has also been corrupted and perverted
by the Swiss banks. They are now the world's largest Art and Property
dealers/traders financing ever more lunatic planet/habitat/fellow species
destructive development. Yes anyone can launder millions by simply taking
works of art to a Swiss Bank; they'll recycle the stuff to corrupt Museums
via corrupt dealers and the proceeds go into
real estate development. 40% of all real estate in the Western World is
permanently unoccupied yet development is accelerating at a furious pace
because the Swiss banks cant keep the bulging cash tills under their
In the most grotesque connivance with the mafia/terrorists the Swiss banks
laundered the multi-million dollar proceeds from kidnappings of wealthy
individuals who were released once the money was safely in Swiss bank
vaults. Possibly the most outrageous tax-evasion/capital export scam.

The Swiss banks control the world's commodity, futures and forex markets;
they are the world's largest daily traders in wheat, grain, livestock, meat,
stocks and shares and currencies. Daily trades exceed hundreds of trillions
of US dollars.
All the money/debt behind the world's major markets such as Chicago, New
York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hongkong, Tokyo etc.
originates from the Swiss banks.

The Swiss banks are the world's biggest overnight lenders to banks,
governments, corporations and local authorities.
It breeds deferential subservience to the gnomes of Zuerich.

It’s time the honest part of the world refuses to sustain the Swiss banks.
Debt/Bond maturities should be used to repay the stolen money to their
rightful owners from whom the Swiss banks have stolen it in the first place
and interest should be paid to the victims.

How come that the Swiss banks
- out of one of the smallest countries in the world –
- without any foreign retail branches –
have become the world’s largest financial
right under the noses of the International Community and its law
enforcement agencies?
Is it because too many politicians/bureaucrats hide their brown envelopes in
Why is the self-appointed European Union International Policy Chief Xavier
Solano sponsored by the gnomes of Zuerich?

What is the conniving connection between the European Union Commission (past
and present) and the Swiss banks – permitting them to syphon off the savings
and pensions of EU citizens when Switzerland continues to avoid membership
of the EU to protect the moneylaundering/transferpricing scams of its banks.

The Swiss banks control the world's stock markets; they own The London Stock
Exchange (a limited company) and the Regulatory Authority SFA (The
Securities and Futures Authority - a limited company). The Swiss banks are
the world's largest daily long and short shares and stock traders whose
(shadow) trades involve trillions of US dollars. The Swiss banks have
perfected the art of shadow/insider trading; i.e. manipulating the markets
through massive trading amongst their own subsidiaries and cartel
associates - all of which financed from the same treasury/moneylaundry in

And of course the gnomes of Zuerich own, control and manipulate the
so-called corporate “rating” agencies “Moody’s”, “Fitch” and “Standard &
Poor” to facilitate “rating” those governments, treasurers, corporations
etc. who borrow and handle all the stolen money.

The Swiss banks also control the world's chemical industry via Novartis,
Ciba, Clariant, Lonza and thousands of subsidiary cartel corporations that
poison, contaminate and pollute the rivers, lakes, oceans and the global
air, soil and water sources.
Remember Sandoz (now UBS owned Ciba) which caused the Chernobyl of Basel.
Nobody was ever charged when they
(these are all doctorate graduates from Swiss universities where they teach
you how to steal, cheat and rob and get away with it)
blew up their warehouse on the Rhine of USDollar onethousandmillion of
obsolete chemicals and told the firemen to hose it straight into the river;
contaminating and poisoning the Rhine all the way to Rotterdam.
All respective government/environmental officials and the media were
suitably paid off to shut up.

The Swiss banks control the world's pharmaceutical industry via Roche,
Bayer, Merck, Aventis and thousands of subsidiary cartel corporations that
flood the world with addictive lifestyle drugs which are needed to obscure
the reality of the global Swiss bank originated chaos/planet destruction
>whose side effects are an additional endless moneyspinner.

The Swiss banks also control the world's media corporations including AOL
Time Warner (CNN), n-tv, TV5, the BBC, CNBC et al (via brown envelopes or
other favours), Euronews and Sky/Fox news corp, associated newspapers and
magazines and a host of subsidiary cartel associates like Reuters, Pearson
(FT) etc.
(via debts, bonds, derivatives and long/short market positions)
that flood and drown the world daily with selected Swiss bank
originated/approved irrelevant contemporary disinformation/propaganda, human
glorification and planet-destructive "achievements" that fix elections for
more of the same.
Of course advertisers have always controlled the media;
now they own it.
The media must now make good and investigate and expose the crimes and
history of the Swiss banks.

The Swiss banks also control the world's largest embryo and artificial
insemination manufacturer - Ares Serono - to make sure that the 20% of
humans that keep the Swiss banks in business keep growing in numbers.

In fact there is no multinational corporation/accountancy/audit/law firm
that is not at anyone time owned, controlled and manipulated by the Swiss
banks because the Swiss banks are the world's largest asset owners/managers
with trillions of US dollars that must be "invested/laundered".
So where do the Swiss banks have all this money from:

All the world's corrupt (rightwing) crime/political/military/royal families
have their fortunes stashed away in secret number accounts in the Swiss
banks. Marcos managed to bank the billions of US Dollars he received from
the IMF and the Worldbank in Switzerland without anybody in the world
knowing.......except of course the other rightwing families that control the
IMF and Worldbank, certain governments and the gnomes of Zuerich. This
brotherhood of crime regularly corrupts and perverts politics. When they
decided that the late Harold Wilson was too much of an Oxford Don and
Socialist and must be brought down; they simply bankrupted Britain by
shorting the pound sterling until it collapsed.
(They’ve done this subsequently to a host of countries from Thailand,
Russia, Brazil, Mexico to Argentina and recently they’ve been going after
the Euro and USDollar – that’s why the feudal elites keep their money in
Swiss francs and in Zuerich number accounts)
They then publicly forced The British Prime Minister to come cap in hand to
Zuerich and beg the gnomes' lackeys for a bridging loan which they
graciously granted from the money they had in effect stolen and syphoned off
Britain previously.
They appointed former German CDU ("Christian Democrat") Chancellor Kohl to
the gnomes of Zuerich main board of Directors (Credit Suisse) with the
specific task of ruining the German economy to bring down the socialist
Schroeder Government. Unfortunately Kohl was prevented from taking up the
appointment due to corruption inquiries involving money-laundering via Swiss
banks from arms-dealing and party slush funds causing his wife's suicide.
To bring down the Jospin socialist government the Swiss Banks
double-crossed a son of former President Mitterand who had deposited
billions in commissions from arms sales to Africa on behalf of African
military and political leaders.
While Mitterand was in power as President of France the Swiss banks didn't
dare to expose these arms deals because there was too much to lose. Ex-PM
Thatcher regularly received ex murderer/arms-dealing Pinochet for tea and
biscuits in the UBS Warburg boardroom.
Swiss Carla Ponte prosecuting ex-banker Milosevitch while the Swiss banks
finance their rackets with his stolen loot.
No wonder todays' socialist governments are keen to see the Swiss banks
involved in their country's infrastructure; like UBS Warburg bringing
British Railtrack to the market making billions in profit while railtrack
went bust. Soon they will be let a go at the rundown/mismanaged hospitals;
they sure need a bleeding.....
The Swiss banks effectively telling the media appointed British government,
the EU and literally every other government in the world unless you do as we
tell you….you’re out!
next to come: privatised police/law enforcement so the Swiss banks can trade
them long or short or suitably bankrupt them when required.

All the world's corporate Directors, top managers, traders and dealers have
their vast, overbloated multi-million dollar
salaries/commissions/backhanders/bonuses/stock options
hidden in secret Swiss bank accounts from the preying eyes of their
exploited, underpaid serfs/workers/mugs that make them rich and fat
(wallets). After all they dont need their salaries like ordinary people
because they can live a luxurious five star lifestyle on corporate expenses
that include limousines/yachts/private jets and townhouses and country

All the world's top entertainers, actors, tennis/golf players, racing
drivers, footballers and other ludicruously overpaid media performers paid
to fill time for the watching-screen-zombies that are the
mass-consumption-zombies that are the serfs/workers/mugs that make the
fortunes that make the Swiss banks control and manipulate the world -
bank with the gnomes of Zuerich.

All the world's corporations, traders/dealers operate millions of letterbox
companies in Zug and Zuerich for the art of transfer-pricing; a neat way to
con the mugs/serfs/workers that these are hard days whereby massive
invoicing for services, software and hardware takes place at artificially
fixed prices that leave the profits in tax-free Switzerland.
Foreign owned letterbox companies conveniently need not keep books or file
accounts in Switzerland.

The world's shrinking number of Accountancy/Audit/Law firms that have merged
into the world's growing number of multinationals make sure that "creative
accounting" and "insider/moneylaundering laws" are suitably redesigned
to protect their brothers in crime.

Of course prosperity has exponentially increased:
20% of the world's population, i.e. some 500million humans consumed 80% of
the world's resources, caused 80% of pollution, contamination and
planet/habitat/species destruction in 1950.
Today this "lucky" 20% has increased to a staggering 1,300million humans and
they still consume 80% of the world's resources and cause 80% of pollution,
planet/habitat/species destruction.
This 20% keeps growing nicely to keep the rich getting richer and the poor
getting poorer.
Why do you think DeBeers is now headquartered in Zuerich?
Take India with a GNP of some USD500 per year per capita where in fact
earnings for 80% of the population have shrunk to the level of 1971 and
amount to less than ten USdollars a month; yet the super rich all bank in
Zuerich like the British Government feted Hinduja brothers who were able to
pay two million pounds sterling for UK passports;
money directly stolen from the Indian economy.
But multiplying the mass-consumption zombies debt-accelerated purchasing
power and genetically engineered software and hardware buying
tendencies/frenzy by the other 80% of humans who subsist on nothing would
literally see the global Chernobyl - that was planet Earth -
wiped out.
That's why the 20% have appointed the Swiss banks to rule the world and keep
them in the comfort they're accustomed to.
It's the world's most criminal back-scratching deal.

According to the IUCN only some 5% of global landspace remains as Nature in
the form of natural habitat; the remaining 95% are already invaded,
occupied, polluted, contaminated and poisoned to feed, house, clothe,
employ, transport, defend, entertain and genetically engineer ever more
Some idiot (a close friend of the Swiss Asbestos-billionaire who founded the
"The World Business Council for Sustainable Development") told President
Reagan that Texas could easily accommodate 6billion humans; dismissing talk
about human overpopulation and too stupid/ignorant to work out that the
remaining 94% of the planet would still be needed to supply/feed everyone.

And who are the Swiss banks? Today there's only two left and they own
everything: UBS AG (United Bank of Switzerland) and Credit Suisse (Swiss
Credit Bank) and thousands of foreign subsidiaries and cartel associates.
And who owns the Swiss Banks?
The infamous gnomes of Zuerich own the Swiss banks.
Nobody has ever seen, talked or interviewed them.
And of course they also own, control and manipulate the
Swiss Government
and literally every other government in the world;
the Swiss Army; the United Nations (without being a member), the World
Economic Forum/Summit, The European Economic Commission, The World Trade
Organisation, “The Commission on Global Governance”, The Olympic Committee
under Adolf Ogi, former shoe polish salesman and Swiss President, etc. etc..

The gnomes of Zuerich are not super brains on the contrary they are just
ordinary pykies with that cunning “Swiss peasant” mentality that says: "we
know we're stupid bastards that know nothing" (none of them has an MBA or
ever been to a real university; Swiss universities are just bank
subsidiaries where you learn how to massage accounts/cheat/fleece clients,
develop easy saleable scientific/technological crap and anything that can be
flogged/traded on the globalised markets).
Hence the gnomes of Zuerich have found that well educated, knowlegdeable
people can be bought like candy and manipulated like marionettes and
surprisingly they found that if you paid them well enough they could become
as crooked as the gnomes of Zuerich themselves.

Once the Swiss banks have enticed/incited/scored/set up a new secret number
account client via their global false, deceptive, misleading, fraudulent and
dishonest advertising carried by their own conniving corrupt media; this new
client will soon be blackmailed/fleeced according to status
(so-called private banking is the Swiss banks most profitable extortion
..... or we'll expose your account number and
get you done by in our very own media.
No wonder Italian prime minister Berlusconi (yet another Christian Democrat)
has made himself chief of the diplomatic service and Foreign Minister. He's
already judge and jury as he rules Italy as Dictator despite a six year jail
sentence for corruption. He's been a dedicated laundry client of the Swiss
banks for decades.
If you buy an Agnelli Fiat, a Dunhill solid gold lighter or maybe prefer
flying a Dassault private jet or watch a 007 Bond movie, drink a Perrier or
buy an Ikea shit etc. you know your money ends up in Switzerland.
It has made the world's military/political/entertainment/business echelon a
bunch of pliable suckers/hypocrites to the crime tunes of the gnomes of
And if the world's central banks dont do as they're told their countries
currencies' get a beating in the "short" market.

Of course the gnomes of Zuerich have a history that goes back to the First
World War when people started to entrust their savings and pensions to the
Swiss banks for safekeeping. When millions didn't come back the Swiss banks
used their money to buy up banks and corporations worldwide. The Second
world War made them even richer as the Nazis laundered all their stolen
money and gold and paid high commissions which together with the savings of
the Holocaust victims added up to billions; since when the Swiss banks have
never looked back and literally took over the world.
Like all crime bosses the gnomes of Zuerich don't give a damn about anything
as long as it makes money. (The cynicism is reflected in their fraudulent,
dishonest, deceptive advertising)
The planet is doomed as long as this crime syndicate continues to operate.
It's time to break up the Swiss banks,
pay back the stolen savings and pensions,
distribute the laundered trillions to the poor in the Third world
(not their leaders or it'll go straight back to Zuerich),
make number accounts illegal,
bring the Swiss bank crime bosses to justice
and restore a global financial system based on honesty instead of
debt and theft.

Equal Earth is a world-wide, non-profitmaking, religious Philosophy and
association of friends with a common purpose of truth, justice, free speech,
freedom of expression and opposition to ignorance, self-indulgence,
political feudalism, bureaucratic oppression, over-proliferation and
over-population. Equal Earth stands for equal democratic responsibilities,
rising standards and quality of life for all species; renovation,
restoration, reforestation and restitution of the natural wildlife habitat
within a stable, responsible co-existential balance/equilibrium to sustain
our mutual life support system: the planet Earth.
EQUAL EARTH stands for less quantum and more values, quality of life for all
within a balanced, stable and self-regenerating eco-system that provides
sufficient natural habitat for all species to guarantee a peaceful,
co-existential, syncretic symbiosis of mutual tolerance.
Ye Shall Have Honest Weights and Measures and Respect Limits!

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