Wednesday, April 27, 2005

WORDS are not important ...... ......

some body can put words in my mouth or i mite have had a bad day ....

To: all my friends and lovers in bloggdom

u dont dump a relation ship for words dat supposedly came outta my mouth

listen to my heart
heart dont lie

go to


saby said...

and u dont see the expression on my mug when i comment and i dont add hehehehe or lol at the end

coz i no the recepient will no if i am joking or serious

lotta divorces have happened coz the couple got married in an arranged marriage in a hurry wid out knowing the other

it's sad but true

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
saby said...

hey anony mouse
had to delete for 3 reasons:
1 it was not directed to me
2. it was beyond the bounds of decency
3 u were hiding under yr moma's skirt while taking pot-shots at her

normally i dont delete
ur a disgrace to the mouse fraternity
ur no mouse
ur a RAT!

Anonymous said...

there was nt any indecency
yes i m hiding under my moma's skirt coz keshi will target personal abuses and on my family which i cant tolerate

even if i m anony mouse i m not an asshole like her.

i will abuse keshi coz she is a fucking dumbwit and big asshole

i know u gonna delete
u got soft corner for her

and even she says fuck off to u

u will kindly lick back her
sad u dont realise the real ppl

its ok
i will have my say.

Anonymous said...

sorry saby

and i thought u r clever mouse but u r not

i m saddened

anony mouse lover of saby,the sad one

Anonymous said...

ohhhh my lover,
now u making me cry

my heart is too beeg to love just one,

i love u my lover
cant i love austrayalaya too ?


Keshi said...

Saby someone is leaving dirty comments like I am leaving's easy to do it...u might even know already, all u have to do is choose 'other' option and then type my name there and then my blog address for the page field...n then it will come up as if I'm posting, with the link and all. So if anyone leaves nasty comments like I'm leaving them, please ignore and delete em. I'm trying to track his IP address and I will soon let u know.


saby said...

heyy Kesh,
it really dont matter does it?
i dont wanna be loved by all
just the ones i love

and if yr friend gets fooled
and is hurt
he/she aint no friend

i once tried to make u and TANVI fite by telling u dat she said someting nasty abt u behind yr backk

it didnt work did it !!

Keshi said...


Not bothered by the skanks who do this...but some people misunderstand me and I get tired of defending myself too...oh well guess you're right if they're really my friends they wont misunderstand, so yeah I dun even have to try to convince anyone...


Jay said...

Uhm.. wassup guys?

saby said...

heyy Jay
if Kesh told u she loves u
its not Kesh

somebody is impersonating her
its a verry clever mouse or a RAT

firacub said...

Hi Saby,
Time for the cub to come to the rescue. There is a way to stop this Bloody S.O.B. from screwing our blogs or spreading shit using our IDs. Deactivate anonymous comments in your blogs. Thatways whosoever this asshole/s is has to use his ID. So we all can make out who wrote those comments. Now ofcourse he/she aint having balls of steel like you and me so he wont be able to do it anymore. Hope this helps. Once again BLOCK anonymous comments on your blog and allow only registered bloggers to leave their comments. Hope this helps us all and restores the order in blogworld.


Anonymous said...

heyyy Fira,
me not SEBIA
i love mice
dont want to abort Jerry (mouse)


Pithaly said...

Forget mice. Here is something interesting on frogs.

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Anonymous said...

i just wish Fira wud explode too one day

he filled wid hott air


Lady Sappho said...

Ah, but see, dear Saby. You have just proven that the words ARE important. You did not hear the humor in my words and you did not see me acting all crazy when I typed it. You do not know me well enough to know when I am joking and when I am not. I, like you, did not put the LOL's or hehe's or any kind of annotation that would distinguish humor in my comment to you. See where it could cause confusion?