Tuesday, April 19, 2005

tell me who dis song is dedicated to ...


dis post is dedicated to the girls and guys dat cot my roving eye
guess who is she / him
there is a prize for the top 3 winners

she looks like an angel
talks like angel ......

i want u , i need u, i love u

lets rock, evry body lets cock ....

lil sister dont u
lil sister dont u
lil sister dont u do
wat yr beeg sister does

u can steal my car
burn my house
but, dont u step on my blue suede shoes

return to sender
address un nown
no such numberr
no such street

loving u
loving uuuu
uno i willl always be loving u

u can shake an apple off an apple tree
but u cant shake me
coz i am stuck on u

suspicion torments my heart
suspicion keeps us apart

i dont wanna be a tiger
dont wanna be a lion
just wanna be yr tender bear

u saw me crying in the chapel
the tears i cried i cried for u

irish eyes
u gott me hooked

u dont have to say u love me
i no dat u always will

pyar kiya to darna kya

hum kale hain to kya hua

jindagi aur maut
jindagi aur maut
mujhe zindagi nahin chahiye

log mujhe sexi sexi kahete hain

lock kiye jaye ?

tujee kesh laaam laaam laaaam

pretty wooman
dekho dekho naaa

agar tum na hote

rain drops keep falling on my head

mujhe tan man dan nahi chahiye
su kahe chhe dolly ?

maru papa nu chhe motor gadhi

all i want for christmas is my 2 front teeth

i saw mama kissing santa underneath the mistle toe

oh woe is me
shame and scandal in the famoly


Dewdrop said...

Hey Saby, thats a tough quiz. Think one needs to know your contact list before making guesses. Well, if Im included in this quiz, my guess is that - Raindrops keep falling on my head was for me?

saby said...

why u ask silly questions ?
uno my world revolves around u

and its not an easy quiz
my anony mouse friends will declare the winners

just wait and see
besides more than one song may apply to u
hehehehe ..

and hey dewdy u an early riser i checked yr clock
its only 7 am for u

saby said...

the elections have been rigged in favor of germany
india won !
i demand a re-count !

new pope is a cheat !

Keshi said...

No idea at all Saby...but what's that keshi laam laam thingy?


Keshi said...

btw how would we know who you love man?


saby said...


am not gay

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