Sunday, April 10, 2005

Dare to dream ....

but u gotta have balls to follow your dreams

dis post is a tribute to the guys wid balls

the early medical researchers who dug up graves to steal cadavers to cut open

to Masters and Johnson and the guys who studied stats concerning human sexual behaviour and published their findings to the world

to the gays and les who have come outta the closet
and have dared to exercise their sexual preferences

to Galileo who said
'i dont care wat the fuck the bible says, but
the sun moves round the earth'

he was imprisoned by the catlik church,
John Paul II apologized belatedly

to Leonardo da Vinci who dreamed of flying machines and even drew a prototype
He also is a source of controversy today

will add to dis list
your contributions are welcome

PS: i seem to have angered the fair sex
was not my intention
'guys' refers to both sexes .... and read 'balls' as 'guts'


Ashes said...

1.Jim Morrison for being a fuckin weirdo with a poetic mind.

2.Kurt Cobain for being lame enough to be knocked off by that bitch Courtney.

3. Me for being ..oh hell

Kezza said...

john lennon-enough said =)

Anonymous said...

only balls men got is those on each side of their dick. ever heard of women? they dont have balls cuz they have the strength to stand an suffer an still smile. thats more courage than screamin an yellin an being a fuckin homosexual who drew half-men-half-women. jim, kurt are assholes who wanted fame an wanted it long which is why the suicide. john lennons a fuckin weedo!!! wuts wit ppl. wtf is this world defining courage as?!

Kezza said...

hi sabe!!!!!!!! things are now all better love

add yourself to this list-lol you are braver then you know...! ;)

Pithaly said...

A man will only knwo what bravery is when he undergoes the pain of delivering a baby.

Keshi said...

MEn with balls let me see...

1.Saby for shaking me out of my cocoon :)

2.My ex for breaking up with me after 6years that it made me realise that I'm not IT - lol!


Kezza said...


i tried to leave a message for word smith-it came back as unknown?! i am posting it here-please pass it on...



blogger blues suck! i hope you are just in need of a little break for writing, i can't go one day without spewing my thoughts all over...lmao-readers help balance me, they keep me sane! (and sometimes make me insane>>>saby<<< lol..;)

*big hugs*

themadamefiles said...

And honey, you forgot about all the women like me who have balls of steel - we make the dreams and we follow them ;-)

Missed you at my blog honey! And I have not had a chance to ask for that quote you gave me to be translated yet..

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