Friday, April 01, 2005

The Pope has just been given extreme unction, a blessing for the guys wid impending death ....
pray for 'Ill Papa'

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saby said...

When Ill Papa visited india,
he said:

Pope prays for inter-religious dialogue

It was a sea of humanity this morning at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium where Pope John Paul II celebrated the Holy Mass and called for a fruitful dialogue leading to a new relationship of understanding and solidarity among the followers of all religions in the coming century.

More than 70,000 people from various parts of Asia and different faiths attended the papal Mass and related programmes, which lasted about three hours.

In a unique step, a special adaptation for India, a triple aarati, was held along with the Holy Mass. These were a pushp aarati (waving a tray of flowers with a deepak in the centre), a dhoop aarati (homage of incense), and deep aarati (homage of light waving a camphor fire) to the accompaniment of a Tamil song and the ringing of bells.

There was deafening applause when the Pope concluded his English discourse with a greeting in Hindi: Sab ko aashirvaad. Bharat ko aashirvaad. Shanthi [Bless all. Bless India. Peace.]

These ancient Asian civilisations have shaped the lives of the people of this continent and left an indelible mark on the history of the human race, he said.

...understanding and solidarity among the followers of all religions.

His Holiness said a major challenge before Christians was to bring the light of the gospel to bear on the family, and on the defence of human life and dignity. There has been enormous economic and technological progress, but there still exist situations of extreme poverty and injustice.

The Synod echoed the cry of ancient prophets, the cry for justice, for the right ordering of human society, without which there can be no true worship of god, he said. "The Church looks to the lay men and women of Asia to reflect the light of Christ wherever the darkness of sin, division, and discrimination distorts the image of god in his children," the 79-year-old pontiff said.

The 2000th anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ should show our "conversion to the light and our efforts to restore equity and to advance justice at every level of society", the Pope said.

"The world will only be transformed if men and women of goodwill, and whole nations, genuinely accept that the only path worthy of the human family is the path of peace, of mutual respect, understanding and love, and solidarity with those in need," he said.

The Pope also paid rich tributes to Mother Teresa and wanted the Church not to forget her witness of evangelical love, particularly for the poor and the depressed. She loved India and she is with the people of India forever, the pontiff said.


Kezza said...

i was raised catholic, but sinse have been born again! i do pray that the pontiff finds his peace soon...

thanks for sharing saby!


Anonymous said...

Il SIGNORE ti benedica e ti protegga! Il SIGNORE faccia risplendere il suo volto su di te e ti sia propizio! Il SIGNORE rivolga verso di te il suo volto e ti dia la pace!

Anonymous said...

heyy senor

no comprendo

speakeee english ?