Sunday, December 31, 2006

The guy every woman dreams of

Ford's character remembered at funeral
(the Manmohan Singh of USA) Posted by Picasa


starbender said...

Thanx soo much,
and Happy New Year
2 U also!
; ]

southpaw said...

Happy new year...

Anonymous said...

One day the African chief's wife gave birth to a white child and the chief was absolutely stunned. He suspected some hanky panky and went to the white Jesuit missionary father and looked at him suspiciously.

"You have been fucking my wives," he accused the white father, who looked very uncomfortable. The Jesuit, tried to wriggle out of the difficult situation by trying to explain Mendel's laws of genetics to the wrathful black.

"You see that herd of sheep," he said pointing to the chief's herd, "Most of them are white; but you will also notice 2 black lambs among them."

"OK! OK!" said the chief. "You keep your mouth shut and so will I."

YellowPoleMan said...

This pic does not represent India to me. It represents corruption. Happy New Year, Saby. And thanks for visiting. Nelly Furtado was a total washout.

Anonymous said...

Dont be silly granpa..... dont give up that easily

- Janice

hellbunny said...

Happy new year

Keshi said...

Happy New Year Saby!


southpaw said...

Kumar Chetan said...

2 persons on keshi's blog are always on my radar, one suthpaw and 2nd saby, so sad saby is lost :P

Keshi said...

when/where did Kumar say that Southy?


southpaw said...


Keshi said...

hmm Southy there's no such post in ur blog :(


southpaw said...

Its very much there open my page, its the 4th post from the bottom.

Anonymous said...

when u come to my blog
i expect u guys to talk to me

Anonymous said...

I'm a muslim because I submit myself to the Lord of the world. also because I testify that 'There is no god but One True God, and Mohammad is the last messenger of God.".

I'm a Hindu because a hindu is a person who seeks the Truth. And God is the Eternal Truth, the Reality behind everything.

I'm a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe in his second coming as the messiah. Jesus is the Spirit from God (Isa ruhullah).

I'm a Jew because I believe in Moses as great Prophet of God who spoke to God (Musa kalimullah).

I'm a Buddhist because I seek enlightenment (Nirvana) of my soul. I pay my respect to Gautama Buddha who is one of the most brilliant personality who walked on this earth.

I'm a Taoist who believe in Tao, the Ultimate Reality behind everything.

And I have no hesitation to say to all other religion that I belong to them as well. They are all my beloved brother and sisters as One God's creation. We belong to the same family. Our blood is the same, our feelings and emotions are same. We are all seeking the same goal only at different path. And all the atheist are my brothers and sisters as well. They also have a different path to seek the Knowledge.

We are all on a journey, knowingly or unknowingly we are trying to reach to the Ultimate goal.
Some will struggle more, some will less.
Some are on straight path, some are not.

But can we deny our aspirations to Love our Beloved God,
Can we condemn other just because they speak different language and have different culture?
Can we deny their faith just because they call the same God in different name, the same God who is beyond name and form ?

Anonymous said...

@above anonymous

only the followers of Dharmic religions which are inclusive in nature such as Hinduism, Buddishm and Jainism will subscribe to this ideology. Dare ask a Muslim of a Christain and he will outrightly REJECT this.

Janice said...

I dont pray to any God.
I believe in myself, my deeds, my love for others.
I believe I can turn things around according to my dreams.
For those who offer to God, Are you trying to bribe him? Or Are you trying to please him? Or Are you trying to confess to him? You can never do any of these. I never do any of these. Instead I spend time in others who are needy, in me building my confidence and character. All the good and the hard work I do will be paid back to me. If it did not, it was not for me. I have the greatest advantage, I will seek out for other ways. I know I am getting to Something else something BIG! The only thing I need to worship when I am down is my confidence and attitude.

I worship my Mom and Dad. But I have to work towards my dreams.

No Religion asks you to be idle, worshipping GOD; because the rest in life will come to you. You have to work towards your dreams. You have to believe you. Self belief will make you realize the GOD inside you.

All the wonders, Inventions, Discoveries, buildings, Gadgets, life styles and religions are all made by man. Awesome right!

The Rest like Evolution, Life, Changes in Weather, Earth, Water, Land, Universe as a whole is left to "Nature". If you call this as GOD, Well then do not spend your time in praying to HIM. He will do his work, anyway.

For me Religion is a way of life. Not an umbrella under which I worship a GOD.

I love Hinduism; I love Christianity, I love Islam; I love Buddhism; I love Jainism; I love zorastrianism; I love Sikhism; I take good things from all the religions whenever I come across any.

Who said I am an Atheist? I too love God. LOVE is God.

Anonymous said...

"Sex is Like Biting the Apple without peeling the skin,Sensuallity is like Peeling the skin layer by layer.... !"

Anonymous said...

saby please post comments on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Shiv Sena is history
the less said the better

Anonymous said...

cha cha cha .. how are yah ? saby why no new posts?I thought since today is sunday..I will take my laptop on my lap and read you in my bed

Rock On baby

Anonymous said...

Gerald Ford was just always a decent guy. Certainly don't have anything bad to say about him.