Tuesday, December 12, 2006

is dis it?
OK i will mail it to u
send me your mailing address

and your nude pic

go here for my pic http://imnutsincaps.blogspot.com/2005/06/saby-self-portrait.html

Nostalgia http://imnutsincaps.blogspot.com/2005/07/my-new-friendz.html

pics of GOA and other funn places
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awaiting said...


My address is ******** Lois Lane Memphis tennesee 99948848477733

Please send it right away!!

It is PURDY huh!?

awaiting said...

And I don't do nude. You send me nude first...yes?

Anonymous said...


send me your email id

awaiting said...

No email til you prove worthy.

Now, what's for dinner?

I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

And why anon? Sign your brown butt into blogger and post as SABY!

I want SABY!

sdfsdfsdf said...

i wish to pass on my tots to the younger gen. I also want to keep my self up-dated on wat is cool and wat is not ... as perceived by dis gen. If i were to be born again, i wud want to be a mother or a teacher in junior school. The fate of dis world depends on the values imbibed by the little ones today.as a public blogg we are exposed to annony mouse attacks. We do not exercise censorship or accept liability for these comments. 'BULL SHIT - All i wanna do is to have some funn before i die'

saby said...

i just sent u my encrypted pic
did u get it ?

it comes in 100 pieces
u gott to assemble it


Anonymous said...

stop phishing, u creep

Anonymous said...

wat do u no!
my girl lives in tennesee too

we gonna see more of each other pretty soon

Anonymous said...

i dont trust u
i no who/wat u r

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
'Keshi now lists 10 things she would NEVER do in her life'. So here they are:

1. Kill someone (saby is an exception)
2. Tell a lie (but I lie all the time and dont get cot)
3. Steal from someone (kiss dont count here)
4. Eat snakes/frogs/insects like some people do (I'd rather eat pussy)
5. Become a sex worker (i wud starve)
6. Live if I ever become pregnant(you know how much I hate a tummy)
7. Trade my values/beliefs for the world (not even for him, mebbe)
8. Sky-dive (will probably die out of fear 2 days before the dive)
9. Become fat to the extent that I'd dislike myself (even if I do I'd somehow get pregnant i wud get back in shape)
10. Stop dancing and flirting(unless I die)

7:02 AM
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Anonymous said...

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No compromise on military programme but on Tuesday External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said, "The government has taken note of certain extraneous and prescriptive provisions in the legislation." How it will deal with' these changes is to be seen.

Anonymous said...

'Logic is only a view, to every person there is different logic'

Rex Venom said...

Hey! Saby!
Happy days and fun filled nights, right?
I hope the holidays are going well for you, old boy!
Rock On!

Anonymous said...

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