Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ring out the old; ring in the new - Morality

or how i crushed Keshi today


Keshi said...

crushed? U so wish LOL!


Anonymous said...

i am beautiful
coz i am indian

if i am not indian
wat am i?

Keshi said...

Saby u want me to be someone else? Im just Me. So plz dun try to change me into something that Im not! Get a life.


Anonymous said...

So plz dun try to change me into something that Im not!

exactly my sentiments
why u trying?

Keshi said...

trying? WTH is wrong with u. It seems that after somany years of knowing me, u still think Im pretending. Just forget it. And dun consider me as ur friend anymore. Im done with ya.


Keshi said...

Saby one more thing for u to know abt me:

Im Sri Lankan by birth and I live in Aus, so I havent ever used the word YAAR in my life and have never been exposed to it either. So stop telling me which words to use. That's my choice just like how u make ur own choices.

Besides stop glorifying Indians all the time just cos ur Indian and stop putting down ppl from other countries. It's a very racist thing to do and I despise it! If u think Indian women r the most chaste in the world, then u r dumber than I thought u were. A woman's innocence or beauty is not judged by her race or the clothes she wears. So stop smothering me with that saree and Madhuri Dixit advice of ur's. It's not gonna work with me.

Black, White, Yellow or Red we r human beings. Get it. U r as bad/good as everyone else is in this world!

Dun bother replying to this cos I aint gonna reply to ur stupid remarks.


Anonymous said...

keshi has spoken

read the morality blog indicated before u condemn me, like keshi has done

Anonymous said...

SKILLED COMMUNICATORS Women are able to express themselves more effectively than men

As a stereotype, this has few equals. Men are strong and silent; women tend to wag their tongues. Women babble endlessly, while the man of the house has his head buried in the newspaper.

This thinking has now been given a scientific prop by Luann Brizendine, a professor of psychiatry in the U.S. In her best-seller The Female Brain, she claims men and women have brains wired differently. So they function differently.

The statistics

Cut the fluff and you get this: when the child is being formed, the male hormone shrinks areas responsible for emotion, memory and communication. So men have problems putting their emotions into words. Women, on the other hand, have more brain cells devoted to communication. Talking produces a "rush" of chemicals that gives them a high, similar to what a heroin addict would get. The result? Women spew out 20,000 words a day compared to the mere 7,000 an average man utters. Women also talk twice as fast. Oh, wow. Even if men got their chat cells together, they wouldn't be able to wedge a word in when a woman is holding forth.

As you can expect, the 20,000/7,000 claim as well as the speed of speech came in for a roar of criticism. Just how was this calculated? (The author is reported to have decided to retract the numbers.) Scientists have also questioned the "facts" in the book. Is the whole theory a Nature trap? Reinforcement that women can't do much worthwhile, but can certainly talk?

Lakshmi Vijayakumar, founder, SNEHA, agrees that women talk more than men. "Statistics show they are emotionally literate and are able to express themselves better. Of course, they talk more in their comfort zones, in domestic settings than outside of a family. Their help-seeking behaviour is better." She supports the theory that men tend to bottle up their feelings. "They should learn to express themselves better. Some choose smoking and drinking as outlets to emotions." Women should take some of the blame for telling them stuff like, `Men don't cry.' Some analysts cite cave age practices to add flab to the argument. Men had to stalk beasts in silence. They had to sign, use facial cues, nod and grunt to keep in touch. Women were gatherers and had to chatter to stay together in the forests.

TV anchor Mamathi Chari, who speaks 10 languages, including Russian and German and can say "Hello Tamizha" in 25, said, "The difference is women talk in an open fashion. You see and hear them. It is visible, perceivable conversation. Men do talk quite a bit, gossip may be at greater frequency. But it's concealed talk. When men see a girl walk by, they raise their eyebrows, use their hands and shoulders to send thoughts across. Isn't that talk too? How about "typed-out" talk on the Net, SMS? Helen of Troy remained silent, all the battle cries around were made by men.

"Seriously, call it convention, imprinting or whatever, in any household, decisions are made by older men. They don't encourage argument, and take the stance, `I know what I'm doing.' So where's the scope for women to outtalk men?"

Do women talk more in Mamathi's shows? "Depends on the couple, entirely. Interestingly, they throw glances at each other to see if the other concurs."

Yes, we've seen women gab. But who snatches more airtime when a couple is courting? Who asks more questions in a classroom? At interviews? How about door-to-door salesmen? Are all call centre employees women? Also, what about women in jobs where they can't talk much, like in a hospital? Aren't there differences in the word output among women and among men? Doesn't the volume of speech depend on education, roles and relationships? Social conditioning? Mmm... It's the context in which we speak, not biology!

Anjali Thomas, who works with an NGO, argues, "If guys talk less, it's because they won't ask for help. They go by the conviction they have to be one up on everything and everyone. Women are willing to be equal, make others equal to them. I know boys talk a lot. If the topic is cars or sports, they never stop talking! The "silent protector" image has given way to "equal partners", so guys are more prone to share feelings. I guess the question is settled by which generation they belong to. Boys of my generation, they are-a-changing!"

It's talkative people, not "men are talkative or women"? But the quarrel will go on — women discuss a lot of subjects that men rubbish as trivial. Women want to talk things over, men want to get things done. Yes, men should churn out more words. There will be fewer WMDs and fewer wars.

-Known Stranger

Anonymous said...

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