Friday, December 29, 2006

they cudnt catch OSAMA, so they hanged SADDAM,22049,20990503-5001021,00.html

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southpaw said...

A dead saddam is gonna hurt the entire west more than he did when alive.

Anonymous said...

Today in History

1972 Nixon halts bombing of North Vietnam and announces peace talks

Anonymous said...

SADDAM went to the gallows like a hero, refusing the head covering given to the condemned man

he was calm and composed, looking like a martyr

his executors on the other hand were hooded and looked like thugs

and America will pay for his idiocy

starbender said...

Oh, I shall soooo miss your spin U attach to the news!!!

Even though U have left some of the 'nastier' comments on my site, I shall miss U'r imput on life!

I will sneak in 2 see U one day, U shall see! Until then, take care of U'rself saby. Make Luv not War!

' ]

Anonymous said...

Damn! she is seriously leaving!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
and america will pay for his idiocy

SADDAM went to the gallows like a martyr

2000 years ago the ROman emperor gave the order to crucify Jesus, another rabble rouser who irked the Jews

to day the Roman empire is history
it has become the center of Christendom

the blood of martyrs can be a verry strong rallying point

i wont be surprised if America becomes a muslim nation within a decade

2:16 AM

Anonymous said...
halk the blacks in USA are muslims already

including Cassius Clay

2:18 AM

Anonymous said...

By Claudia Parsons

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. troops began the New Year with news their 3,000th comrade had died since a 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in weeks but pitched them into a war that has riven Iraq and raised increasing alarm at home.

With Saddam's hanging on Saturday polarizing the country, there is no sign that the sectarian bloodletting will slow.

The death toll milestone was reported on Sunday by the Web site, It listed the death of Specialist Dustin Donica on December 28 together with a soldier killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad on Saturday, bringing the total to 3,000.

Full Coverage

December was the deadliest month for U.S. forces in the past two years, with 111 dead, according to the site. There was no immediate official confirmation of the 3,000 figure, likely to be seized on by critics of President Bush's conduct of the war.

But Bush's spokesman Scott Stanzel said the president "grieves for each one that is lost".

"He will ensure their sacrifice was not made in vain."

Bush is to unveil a new strategy on Iraq this month, which could include sending more troops to try to quell the violence in which hundreds of Iraqi civilians die every week. Continued...

Anonymous said...

Millions watch images of death
Correspondents in Baghdad
January 01, 2007

SADDAM Hussein was buried before dawn yesterday in his native village of Awjah, near Tikrit in northern Iraq, less than 24 hours after the former president was hanged for crimes against humanity.
"Saddam Hussein has been buried today at 4am (12pm AEST) in a place that was constructed during his regime in the centre of Awjah," said Musa Faraj, one of Saddam's relatives from the area. He said the building where Saddam was buried was a hall usually used for condolence meetings in Awjah, 180km north of Baghdad.
Ali al-Nida, head of the Albu Nasir tribe, said few people were able to attend the burial because security forces had sealed off Tikrit, the stronghold of Saddam's supporters.

But millions of people around the world watched television images of the body of the fallen dictator lying wrapped in a shroud, his neck twisted to one side, after his dawn hanging.

Dramatic footage relayed from Iraq also showed the man labelled the "Butcher of Baghdad" facing the final moments of his life - resigned to his fate as executioners in balaclavas tightened a noose around his neck.

Yesterday a new video emerged showing Saddam exchanging taunts with onlookers before the gallows floor dropped away.

"The tyrant has fallen," someone in the group of onlookers shouted. The video, first broadcast by al-Jazeera satellite television, showed a close-up of Saddam's face as he swung from the rope.

Officials denied on state television a statement read earlier that Saddam's half-brother and a former judge were also hanged. One official said Barzan al-Tikriti and Awad al-Bander, convicted with Saddam last month, would be executed after the week-long Eid al-Adha holiday.

Saddam's execution, three decades after he established his personal rule by force, has closed a chapter in Iraq's history marked by war with Iran and a 1990 invasion of Kuwait that turned him from ally to enemy of the US and impoverished his oil-rich nation. But as US President George W. Bush said in a statement yesterday, sectarian violence pushing Iraq towards civil war had not ended.

"Many difficult choices and further sacrifices lie ahead," Mr Bush said in a statement released last night from his Texas ranch.

"Yet the safety and security of the American people require that we not relent in ensuring that Iraq's young democracy continues to progress. Bringing Saddam Hussein to justice will not end the violence in Iraq, but it is an important milestone on Iraq's course to becoming a democracy that can govern, sustain and defend itself, and be an ally in the war on terror."

In Baghdad's Shia neighbourhood of Sadr City, victims of Saddam's autocratic rule took to the streets to celebrate, dancing, beating drums and hanging Saddam in effigy. Celebratory gunfire erupted across other Shia neighbourhoods in Baghdad and other predominantly Shia regions of the country.

There was no sign of a feared Sunni uprising in retaliation for the execution, and the bloodshed from civil warfare was not far off the daily average - 92 from bombings and death squads.

Outside the Sunni insurgent stronghold of Ramadi, west of the capital, loyalists marched with Saddam pictures and waved Iraqi flags. Defying curfews, hundreds took to the streets vowing revenge in Samarra, north of Baghdad, and gunmen paraded and fired into the air in support of Saddam in Tikrit.

Still, authorities imposed curfews sparingly in contrast to the several-day lockdown imposed after Saddam was sentenced to death on November 5.

The responses within Iraq to Saddam's death echoed the larger reaction across the Middle East, with his enemies rejoicing and others proclaiming him a martyr.

Some Arab governments denounced the timing of the 69-year-old former president's hanging just before the start of the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.

Saddam's execution at the start of Eid is highly symbolic. The feast marks the sacrifice the prophet Abraham was prepared to make when God ordered him to kill his son and many Shi'ites could regard Saddam's death as a gift from God. Such symbolism could further anger Sunnis, resentful of new Shia power.

But some Iraqis - like 34-year-old Haider Hamed, a shopkeeper in east Baghdad - wondered what would really change with the execution of Saddam, who was just four months shy of his 70th birthday.

"He's gone, but our problems continue," said the Shi'ite, whose uncle was killed in one of Saddam's many brutal purges. "We brought problems on ourselves after Saddam because we began fighting Shi'ite on Sunni and Sunni on Shi'ite."

At least 80 Iraqis died in bombings and other attacks on Saturday and police said 12 more tortured bodies were found dumped in Baghdad. Six more Americans were killed.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

GOD is merciful
we christians as well as Muslims believe

SADDAM died with the name of GOD on his lips

as with Mahatma Gandhi too

He has been saved from eternal damnation

He will pay for his karma in purgatory though
as we all will

GOD is one
u may call Him JESUS, RAM or ALLAH

Vest said...

If you are a total bone headed idiotic no hoper, it is best that you become a Muslim or a christian, Hindu or some other equally stupid calling, such as a follower of witchcraft. religion has created 99% of all warring activity since the year dot, the problem is we are afraid of the truth, we are afraid to stand up and say that religion with its farcial prayers, vestments, incense and other crap churned out by the well fed priests of miscellaneous religions that infest our world should be hung drawn and quartered for the lies and promises which can never come to fruition. vest, world cit and 'Nocangoist'.

Saddam, although an asshole is no worse than his would be successor.