Monday, September 11, 2006

remeniscening Janice

as i near my 56 th bday
i tink about Janice

we made a pact
if i go first
i reserve the seat next to me for her
and vice versa

she cheated she was only 27
and went first

how do u begin to tell the story about a swet girl named Janice
who new me as Julia

until i told her dat i was Saby
and old enuff to be her grandpa

as Julia i educated dis girl about love and sex
dis girl who wudnt kiss her dad
who tot she wud get preg if she did so

dis was Janice

she lived in Mumbai
and never saw Marine Drive
until Chris took her there on his mobike

she saw California too with Chris

another one remembers here


Keshi said...

yeah I knew Janice. But Saby d u know what happened to her? Dun mourn her death when u dunno if she's really dead.

And u living in Mumabi cant seem to find out what happened to her? That annoys me.


Miranda said...

It hurts when we people just disappear.

Anonymous said...

In addition to being "not unattractive" and "highly sexed," Hungarian women are famous for one other thing. That's right, cooking porn. That's why September in Budapest boasts not just one but two erotic trade fairs. First up this weekend is the Erotika Parádé, which seemingly features every star , including topless DJ Niki Belucci, the ubiquitous Győzike and reality show contestant Majka, as well as Victoria Swinger and all of her naked and lubed-up friends. The second event, the Budapest Erotic Exhibition and Fair, says it is the original industry show and sure is bitching about the new whore on the block. It takes place on September 22-24, and promises more of the same, with a slightly more sophisticated twist. There will be strippers and lesbian displays, of course, but belly dancing and fashion shows are also on the program. Having said that, the "Kuki és Cici Verseny" - "Willie and Boobie Talent Show" - is sure to be a showstopper

Anonymous said...

There is a teacher teaching sex education to a bunch of 5th graders. She walks to the chalk board and draws a huge penis on the board! She truns to the class and simply asked the class, “Class, does any one know what that is?”
The class sits silently for a second or two than chintoo stands from the back! He yells, “I know what that is! It’s a PENIS! I know cause my dad’s got two!”
“The small one he pee’s from, the big one he brushs the babysitters teeth with!”

d patel said...

saby has justbeen run over by a truck in Mumbai, afriend just phoned me