Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Americans are weird

really weird
go here http://imnutsincapsyanks.blogspot.com/2006/02/american-humour.html


Anonymous said...

Granpaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in advance Happy birthday u always forget my birthday :((

- Janice

Miranda said...

Lol...then Im glad Im Canadian :P

Anonymous said...

d patel said...
saby has justbeen run over by a truck in Mumbai, afriend just phoned me

6:58 PM

samuru999 said...

Some are weird... some are not!
Dennis Miller got some of it right...not all though!

Anonymous said...

what non-sense anony mouse@7:00 is typing..

sabbbbyyyyyy show urself pronto.

-Minnie Mouse(worried)

Keshi said...

and ur not weird? hahaha!


Anonymous said...

must av bin sumwun oo loked like saby , i try again to run him over.
d patel

are u shor ese not ded' d p

ranjit said...

miranda-you are real pretty and i would love have many good fucks with you please say yes