Friday, September 22, 2006

the best (worst?) of STARBENDER

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the best (worst) of Orikinla
the most controversial film Naked Beauty to shoot on Bonny Island and I need to secure more investors to begin the filming soon. See

Naked BeautyI saw you in the twilight
Disrobed in the state of nature

And I gaped and gasped in awesome delight
Spellbound and elated in rapture

As I beheld your voluptuous features
As I gazed upon your priceless treasures

From peak of the mountainI went down to the fountain
In the valley of your mons veneris

And holding on to your alluring pillars
I have been transfixed at the altar of your estuary

The estuary of your conjugal sanctuary.
I saw the falconer trading his falconWith the bounty hunter for his gun

Lost in their lust for your connubial offerings
Spellbound by the allures of your charms

And I came in the fleeting mist of the fleeing night
To behold you even before the Aurora Borealis

And saw you embracing the heavenly light
As Father Heaven kissed Mother Earth

And you were enchanted in heavenly mirth
Oblivious of my winking mortal eyes

Hypnotized in the ether of celestial bliss.
At the unveiling of the beloved daughter of Eve

Made perfect in the bowels of boundless love.
Let the fire be kindled in my heart

The eternal flame of my spiritThe breath of eternity
The ether of life formed in purity

Born bare and born free
As my enchanted eyes can now see

Freed from the chains of pains
The pains of natal travails

Oh! Woman!
Thou art the vessel of motherhood.
And in thy mammary gourds abound our first food

How much every man in bound to thy loins
For from the canal every man is born

Through the third eye of Eve where love flows
From the seed sown the fruit is grown

The sweetest fruit of love is found in the virgin
To behold your naked beauty is not a sin.

~~ Orikinla Oosinachi, 2006.

, , If life's a bitch, then i am a stray dog... Don't come to this place if u can't handle truth, truth is always bitter, rude and explicit... , ,

Keshi it took me 56 years to get here

SOUTH has arrived already
u need to get there too


starbender said...

hahaaa! U crack me up!!!


Anonymous said...

the biggest happiness in the world is to make someone happy & the biggest sin is to make someone cry..try to follow these 2 things in life..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

You must be the change u wish to see in the world
Again a very deep hitting thought by Gandhi. I can very much relate this thought to present condition of India and most developing nations. Basic social issues like cleanlessness, illiteracy, corruption, dishonesty, lake of unity and national integrety are very much issues of individual. But stacks of such issues lead to an incapable society and hence an inefficient goverment in democracy. Also as Jawaharlal Nehru said that in democracy, a government is as good and efficient as its citizen.

This thought of Gandhi was way ahead of it's time and completly applicable to todays scenarios.

southpaw said...

She'll come there too...

Keshi said...




Anonymous said...

CASTEL GANDOLFO, Italy - Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday praised an Italian nun for pardoning her killers as she lay dying from an attack in Somalia that may have been linked to worldwide Muslim anger about his remarks on Islam and violence.


Benedict spoke to pilgrims at his Castel Gandolfo summer palace where he will meet Monday with ambassadors from predominantly Muslim countries in an effort to defuse tensions arising from a speech he gave Sept. 12 while on a pilgrimage in Germany.

Rosa Sgorbati, an Italian missionary who worked in a pediatrics hospital in Somalia's capital Mogadishu under her religious name Sister Leonella, was shot by two gunmen on Sept. 17, the day Benedict apologized for offending Muslims. Her bodyguard also was killed.

Speaking Sunday about the need to overcome selfishness, Benedict cited Sgorbati's slaying.

"Some are asked to give the supreme testimony of blood, as it happened a few days ago to the Italian nun, Sister Leonella Sgorbati, who fell victim to violence," the pontiff said.

"This nun, who for many years served the poor and the children in Somalia, died pronouncing the word 'pardon,'" the pope told pilgrims during his traditional Sunday noon appearance. "This is the most authentic Christian testimony, a peaceful sign of contradiction which shows the victory of love over hate and evil."

In the pope's controversial speech in Germany, Benedict quoted the words of a Byzantine emperor who characterized some of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as "evil and inhuman," particularly "his command to spread by the sword the faith."

The pontiff has stressed that the words he spoke did not reflect his own opinion.

Among the countries expected to send a representative to meet with the pope Monday was Indonesia, where Christian-Muslim tensions were sharpened last week by the execution of three Catholic militants. Benedict last month had appealed to Indonesia to spare the men.

Representatives from Iran, Egypt, Turkey and other nations are also expected to attend.

The Vatican's spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, told reporters Sunday there were "expectations for a cordial meeting." He also said the meeting "certainly is a sign that dialogue is returning to normal after moments of disturbance, of misunderstanding in the past days."

French Cardinal Paul Poupard, the Vatican's top official on dialogue among religions, told Rome daily La Repubblica at least 18 ambassadors assured the Vatican they would come to what he said "will be, without a doubt, a profound and emotional meeting."

Amid the fury over Benedict's remarks on Islam, the Vatican also ordered papal representatives around the globe to meet with leaders of Muslim countries to explain the pope's point of view and the full context of his speech.

Keshi said...

hey creepy creep tell us what u did on ur bday and how u felt etc. we r waiting for a post-bday post.


southpaw said...

He already told us abt that day....he boozed with his friends in jalgaon, then he found a mysterious gift in the room to keep him awake the rest of the night...Ok, over to u saby....

Anonymous said...

Gandhi is not just about big ideas. Here are some practical ways to follow Gandhi,

- Stand in line while trying to get railway tickets.
- Wait till someone gets off the train and then board the train
(Gandhi’s principal – respect other’s rights)

- switch of the light once you don’t need it. Don’t keep water running while brushing your teeth.. (Gandhi – Do not use anything more then you need)

- Refuse to pay bribes. (Gandhi – who participates in wrong is equally responsible)

- Try to educate one person, may be the maid at your home (Gandhi – education for masses)

- Do not through plastic bags or any ‘kachara’ on road (Gandhi- cleanliness); try to collect ‘kachara’ from road. Picking up a thrown chocolate wrapper or plastic bag would help keeping India cleaner.

- Try to help some old/poor/sick person.

- Spend your income for well being of your society and family. (Gandhi- principle of trusteeship)

- If you have choice between Indian good and western good.

Try to buy ‘made in india’ thing. Choose ‘Bajaj’ over ‘Honda’.Choose 'Vada Pav' over 'Burger'.Choose local 'Nariyal Pani'wala over 'Coke'.Or at least by what has been manufactured in India. (Gandhi- Savdeshi. )

Please don't tell me that this won't work in age of globalization. The countries who forced our way in to free market economy adovacates this formula.

Anonymous said...

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