Friday, May 05, 2006

OK is not good enuff


Autumn is here ...

here is michele at her best, her views on homosexuality

How much is enuff?

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates told an online advertising conference Wednesday that he'd prefer not to be the richest person in the world.
"I wish I wasn't," he said in a session in which he was being interviewed by Donny Deutsch, the host of an interview show on CNBC.

Gates is ranked by Forbes magazine as the world's richest individual, with an estimated wealth of about $50 billion.
"There's nothing good that comes out of that," he said. "You get more visibility as a result of it."

Gates is doing his part to share the wealth. His Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world's largest philanthropy, with an endowment of $29.1 billion. He was not asked about giving away more money sooner.

Still, Gates said he can go out and do everyday things like other people, despite his wealth and celebrity.

"I'm not bothered when I'm out in public or anything," he said. "Someone might ask for a signature, rarely, but that's not a difficult thing."

And the Microsoft Corp. chairman expressed a kinship for at least one other person in his exclusive club, saying during the session that investor Warren Buffett - ranked by Forbes as the world's second-wealthiest - is the person he's learned the most from.

Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., has an estimated wealth of $42 billion.

Gates also said he wouldn't follow in the footsteps of other wealthy Americans by entering politics.

"I certainly will never be a politician," he said. Asked why not, he said: "For every reason. I wouldn't like it, I wouldn't be elected. I'm better at what I'm doing."
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michele said...

Very interesting!

cheesemeister said...

Even if we sometimes can't find happiness in ourselves the least we can do is to not spread hate. That way the world can be better for others.

Will Powers said...

To each his own

Known Stranger said...

a nice guy but some how he didnt impress me . i had been a regular visitor to his dhyana linga - the head quaters of his mission in coimbatore in the hills of reserverd forest - though the place is serene and invites me regularly to vist but... he didnt impress me.. the place is also getting more commerical oflate.