Thursday, May 04, 2006

not funny

Aslaamulaikum WA Rahamatullah Â

Dear brothers and sisters,
It has been brought to my attention that there will be an awful film appearing soon in America which depicts our Beloved Prophet (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) as a homosexual,

just when we thought these people could not stoop any lower! Our beloved prophet was not only one of the greatest men but he is only one of the greatest man, and this is just a mockery of his life,

we have a responsibility as Muslims and Christians to do something about act now,

All you have to do is sign your names below this email which was sent to me by a Christian friend, what are Muslim people doing about this horrendous thing?

When the list you sign reaches 500 names, please send it to: - And then start again...


Thank You.
this was forwarded to me by beeg woman, she is christian

Love one another
Come let us reason together. Let us walk with one accord sayeth the Lord.

Let all division among the children of the Lord cease. For we are all one in the Spirit, let us then walk in the Spirit and have love for one another. By this all men shall know we are true disciples of Christ by our love for one another.

If a man says he knows the Lord and hates his brother, he walks in darkness and the light of Love is not yet perfected in him. Walk with Love and not hate. Love one another even as the Lord your Master loved you and gave His Life for you. Did He die in vain?
©03/17/2001 Jim Welch
the Danish cartoons was bad
but this is worse

many more innocent ppl will die in the ensuing riots


Keshi said...

ok I agree that this movie may insult Muslims but by banning it what exactly are we trying to achieve? Let people make movies, do whatever and let your faith reside in ur hearts...


Caraf said...

dont know..... anyways, SABY WABY COME READ MY BLOG!!!!

southpaw said...

Vadodara incidents were seriously sick.

cheesemeister said...

After Malcolm X's assassination, Martin Luther King said that we have not yet learned to disagree without becoming violently disagreeable.
Apparently people still haven't learned this.
On to a technical point. You might want to choose a slightly lighter color for your font in the blurb about the movie. I couldn't read it without highlighting it.

saby said...

thanks Cara

i rectified the colour